By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

SCRAPPY sparrows try to establish a peck-ing order as they swipe at each other mid-flight

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In a flap: The hungry sparrows fight it out

The featherweight fighters went toe-to-toe after encountering each other whilst hunting for food.

The hungry brawlers pecked at each other with their beaks, and even kicked each other in the chest during their winged combat.

The sparrow with the upper hand appears to dig his foot into his opponent's chest

Retired postman Urs Schmidli captured incredible photos of the altercations - applying patience and persistence to get the perfect shots.

The 61-year-old took the photos in his back garden in Wohlenschwil, Switzerland, between 2013 and 2014.

One of the sparrows appears to have the other one's beak in its mouth

He said: “My goal is to show people how these birds behave in flight, and how vicious their fights can be.

“Flying scenes for me are always a challenge, and it can take me many times to the get the photos I want.

A sparrow brings its feet up to its chest and seems ready to land a drop kick

“Sparrows often fight in my garden as they look for things to eat, and sometimes they even steal from each other.

“I spend hours trying to capture the action whilst also trying to create beautiful photos.

Featherweights: The small birds aren't afraid to scrap when it comes to getting a decent meal

“These birds are so fast that the naked eye does not see what is happening. 

“Through the lens the beauty of these birds becomes much more intense.”

Urs Schmidli applies patience and persistence to guarantee the perfect shot

In some of the photos the sparrows trade blows in mid-air, while other battles were fought around the top of a tree stump. 

Despite their incredible shows of aggression, none of the birds appear to have sustained serious injuries in the fights.