By Kate Moore @kit_moore

Jessica Teekasingh, 22, from Georgia, USA feels that she has lived far too long in another person’s shadow

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Videographer / director: Michael Catron

Producer: Kate Moore, Ruby Coote

Editor: Pete Ansell

Her resemblance to Ariana Grande led to an angry social media backlash when the online influencer visited Disney World. Fans of the pop star were asking to take pictures with Jessica, thinking she was the singer. After a video showing the scene went viral on YouTube, the criticism began. Jessica told Truly: “The comments that I got on social media about looking like Ariana Grande would typically be pretty negative.” The story was picked up by media outlets, calling her a lookalike. “There's definitely a downside to it when you have the media posing you as a girl who wants to be somebody else. "It's really heartbreaking when you try and tell the media that is not the case, but they just refuse to believe it. My mental health has been through the wringer.” Jessica started getting comments from her classmates in her junior year of high school about resembling Ariana. “I had just dyed my hair back to brown, and my mom had started a hair company, she gave me some extensions.” She is now determined to create a name for herself, away from the singer. “I would like to distance myself from the lookalike claims solely for the purpose of being known as myself.” Jessica hopes that her transformation will also lead to a more positive social media experience. “If my followers start dropping off, I just think that leaves room for the more authentic people in my life.”