By Kate Moore @kitmoore

An Armless 11-year-old girl shows the amazing things she can do with her feet - including riding a horse, cross-stitching, and cracking an egg for breakfast

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FILMED BY: Christianne and Taylor Green

Producer: Kate Moore, Ruby Coote

Editor: Shiona Penrake

Sophi Green was born without arms, but she’s never let that hold her back. 

Truly first filmed with Sophi when she was 7 years old, and since then a lot has changed. 

Sophi told Truly: “I’m in fifth grade, I have an obsession for horses, and I have a new dog - his name is Baxter.”

In the video, Sophi shows her morning routine, getting dressed, walking Baxter and even making a fried egg sandwich for her breakfast with her feet. 

This would be an impressive feat for most, but it's just another day for Sophi.

She explained: “I learned how to cook by watching my parents and my brothers and sisters.”

Adopted from China when she was just two years old, Sophi lives with her adoptive parents Christianne and Jeremy in Herriman, Utah, USA.

She has nine other siblings who she said are the “best in the world”.

Sometimes they help Sophi out with tasks that are trickier to do with just your toes, like her sister Jesi who braids her hair in the morning.

Sophi was adopted from the same orphanage in China as her sister Lexi, but they are not biologically related. 

The sisters have a special bond, Christianne described them as “two peas in a pod.”

Lexi's blind and the pair make sure to support each other. 

Lexi told Truly: “Sophi and I are best friends and I love her so much.”

“We always help each other get around.” 

Sophi agreed: “Basically, I am her eyes and she is my arms.”

“We are better than biological sisters, we’re pretty much inseparable.” 

Sophi has recently learned to horseback ride, something her mother Christianne was nervous about at first. 

Christianne said: “I think the thing that is most impressive is just that she tries everything.”

“With horseback riding, I initially told her I wasn't comfortable with it; I didn't know how it would be safe.”

“But she kept persisting and she was just determined.”

“She did research, she found others that were born without arms that were horse riders.”

“She's not afraid to try something new.”

Sophi has a YouTube channel called ‘MeSophi’ where she vlogs her daily life and family’s adventures – like hiking and driving on a 4-wheeler.

Christianne said, “Sophi was the one that had the idea to have her own YouTube channel.”

“We thought it was a good way for her to spread her sunshine.”

Sophi’s parents are proud of the way her resilience and positivity can inspire others. 

Her father Jeremy said: “Sophi has so many skills.”

“She can do almost anything that someone with arms and hands can do.”

“She's just absolutely amazing, blows my mind.”

“One of the things that is really neat for me is watching how our children impact other people's lives.” 

Sophi hopes her story will give hope to others who may be struggling with their confidence. 

“For anyone out there with disabilities or just having a hard time right now, just be you”, she said. 

“You can’t fit in when you’re born to stand out.”