A MIAMI-based influencer is determined to slim down her 59 inch booty so that people will take her seriously as an author

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Videographer / director: Rodrigo Gomez
Producer: Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

A MIAMI-based model and influencer has resolved to slim down her 59 inch booty so that people will take her seriously as an author.  

Courtney Barnes, known professionally as Ms Miami, underwent three rounds of illegal butt shots at black market “pumping parties”, beginning when she was 22 years old.  

But the 35-year-old is now planning to get the filler removed and has written a book to warn other women about the dangers they can cause.

She said: “At one point I wanted a bigger butt at any cost, but now I realize it could cost me my life and that’s why I wanted to bring the awareness to other women.”

Like many young women Courtney suffered from body dysmorphia disorder (BDD) and says the butt shots were an attempt to improve her self-image.

“I was preoccupied and overly conscious of my body, of my shape, before I got my butt done,” she said.

“A lot of people said workout, do squats, and you’ll get a bigger booty but I exercised and my booty got smaller.

“When a girl told me about the procedure, I jumped both feet in on that. I already had weight issues and didn’t like my body, it was just a recipe for disaster.”

Courtney’s supersized butt has undoubtedly garnered her a lot attention, with 815,000 people following her on Instagram.

But the side effects of the injections are all too visible - the skin on her posterior has become discoloured in places and the shape is sagging drastically.

Surgeon Dr Gonzalo Mosquera said: “She’s definitely had illegal injection of polymer which is a very sad but common thing that occurs in the area.

“We see a lot of complications with that, some patients get a lot of symptoms, a lot of pain, they can’t sleep, they can’t lean on it, they can’t rest. It’s an awful, illegal treatment.

“Fortunately Courtney doesn’t have a lot of symptoms besides the size and the lumps but at any point in life people can develop symptoms.”

Treatment to remove the fillers can be expensive, and Courtney is also concerned about the health risks involved with the procedure.

She said: “The cost of fixing my butt is more than what I paid to get this butt, it’d be well over $20,000.

“I just want to go through with the procedure and remove the fillers. I am ready to look like the girl next door, I am tired of being of bullied on social media and people following me and stalking me just to get a picture.

“I may look like a circus freak because of my booty but I am still a human, I am a daughter, I am a woman, I am an entrepreneur and I am figuring out life just like everyone else - I just want people to see me for me.

Courtney recently published her book “I Am Not My Body – But I Wanted A Bigger Butt”.

She is also taking etiquette classes and has engaged a life coach to help her achieve her dreams of being taken seriously as an author.

She said: “I always wanted to be an author, I just want to get as many people as I can understanding what I went through so they won’t go through the same things.

“There are a lot of women who want not only butt injections, but all kinds of cosmetic surgery, because they do not like their body.

“I want to let people know I am here for you, I understand what you are going through, but just because it looks good it’s not healthy – if you decide you do want work done, go to a surgeon and do your research.

Courtney added: “I have made a lot of mistakes but I am looking to put all this behind me – included this behind.”