By Amanda Stringfellow @amanda_l_s

AT JUST eight months old, Freya Fossaceco is still too young to stand up - but that hasn’t stopped the adorable youngster from becoming one of Britain’s most stylish babies

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Videographer / Director: Sarah Murphy
Producer: Amanda Stringfellow, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

Going viral: the cute tot has become an online sensation...
…racking up more than 5,500 Instagram followers

Beaming up the camera, wearing an array of huge coloured headbands and tiny patterned jumpsuits, the trendy tot poses for fashion-forward photographs.

The petite poser is styled by mum, Kirsty Whelan, 26, who has been photographing Freya in a selection of bright and eclectic outfits since she was just ten weeks old.

Splash of colour: little Freya rocks a brightly-coloured jumpsuit with a cropped denim jacket...
…and an off-the-soulder t-shirt with denim shorts

The stylish youngster now has over 5,500 followers on her instagram account @forget_me_not_frey_frey and has baby clothes designers clamouring for her to model their newest creations.

Freya has become a brand representative for Instagram baby clothes companies such as The Bow Boutique and Bowties & Candyfloss - who send her free and discounted clothes to wear in her stylish snaps.

Little 'bow' peep: Freya has now become a brand representative for a number of baby clothes companies

Kirsty said: “I was quite new to Instagram before Freya was born, but I just started taking pictures of her and people kept on liking them.

“I started using Instagram as a shopping outlet - there’s so many talented mums and British brands making designer clothes for babies.

“I loved the fact that they were handmade and unique, I just couldn’t stop purchasing them."

Sweet as a daisy: Freya's infectious grin has won her an army of loyal followers...
…with designers now competing for her to model their newest creations

But it is the stay-at-home mum’s unique baby clothing designs that have helped her to style her baby into an Instagram It Girl.

Kirsty, who lives in Bath with fiancé Dan, studied textiles for fashion and interiors and was inspired by Freya’s online success to start creating outfits of her own.

All smiles: mum Kirsty says her young daughter enjoys the attention...
…but she receives criticism from some web users for sharing the photos online

The mum, who left her job in publishing when she became pregnant, has now started designing headbands and jumpsuits for the miniature model.

Kirsty said: “I had some material left over from where I’d made Freya some bunting for her nursery and I started making little head wraps and top knots.

Happy: fashion-forward Freya grins in a black-and-white jumpsuit...
…and sitting on an armchair in a floral design

“Then it progressed to jumpsuits. I was so inspired by everything on Instagram, I just love putting combinations together on her.

“Now we do a daily update of what she’s wearing.

"The positions are really organic, she’s just in the shapes she gets herself into.

Gothic: Freya wearing a matching black rose hairpiece and tutu
Kirsty says she limits the photo shoots to ten minutes to avoid Freya getting bored or distressed

“I team my clothes with bits from Gap, Mini River Island and Primark - her style is always eclectic and quite bright.”

Now Kirsty is getting requests from as far away as the US and Australia from mums clamoring to get hold of Freya’s outfits.

Pretty as a picture: eight-month-old Freya Fossaceco smiles for the camera

She said: "I just started making them for her and now people keep asking me to make clothes for their babies.

“I have such a good model, she just lights up under the camera and her eyes are completely captivating."

Kirsty is aware that posting photographs of such a young baby online can be considered controversial, but says that baby Freya is lapping up the limelight.

“Some people have really strong views on posting photographs like I do," Kirsty added.

“But we only take photos for ten minutes tops - then it’s back to being a baby.

"As long as my baby is happy I’m happy.”