By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

A PROLIFIC Internet troll lost more than 400 pounds after abusing body builders who then helped him lose weight

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Dedication: Jesse has managed to lose 400lbs without the aid of a gastric bypass

Jesse Shand bullied people across the Internet from the safety of his mother’s home in an attempt to feel better about his colossal weight gain.

But when he began to troll bodybuilders on an online forum they demanded he show a picture of himself – when he did his life changed forever.

Instead of giving Jesse a taste of his own medicine the bodybuilders gave him tips on how to get in shape - beginning with just sitting in a chair and flailing around.

Jesse said: “I’ve now lost 400 pounds and I’ve probably got another 35 to 40 pounds of loose skin so I’m only around 15 pounds to my goal weight.

Proud: Jesse's mother is relieved to see her son change his life, having worried it would send him to an early grave
Weight expectations: Jesse Shand still hopes to maintain his weight loss before undergoing surgery

“I would target anyone for my trolling, if someone was upset about a break up I might talk a lot about how great it is to be in a relationship.

“I was just doing anything I could do to further upset someone who was already devastated.

“It made me kind of get a laugh and feel better about my situation.

“I wanted to force my misery onto someone else – it meant I didn’t have to think about my own terrible situation.”

The 28-year-old, whose father was murdered when he was a child, became a recluse and troll who eventually weighed more than 700 pounds before he started trying to lose weight in May 2013.

“My life started to turn around after trolling the bodybuilders,” added Jesse.

Got to go: Despite his impressive weight loss Jesse has been left with 40lb of unsightly loose skin
Cheeky: Jesse, who was the class clown at school, began piling on the pounds in his teens

“Some of the members started trying to talk me into believing I could lose weight.

“I had hundreds of excuses but they won’t accept any of them.

“I said I was too fat to exercise but they said I could just sit in my chair and flop around to lose weight.

“So that’s what I did – it was my first ever workout and by the time I was done I was tired and sweaty but it worked.”

One person who was delighted about his transformation was his mother Coreen Rosenogle, 56 she said: “I thought he would die very young I don’t think he had much longer when he started this.

“I used to try to get him to go outside but he wouldn’t.

Getting bigger: Jesse's eating got out of control in his teens and twenties
Appeal: A charity page has been set up asking for donations for surgery to remove the excess skin

“He was constantly on the computer day and night and would never exercise - that’s when his weight started to balloon.”

Jesse has now turned his back on trolling and realizes the hurt he caused others.

He said: “I feel like I wasted so many years of my life.

“I wasn’t doing anything productive and I was hurting other people.

“That doesn’t do anything to further my own happiness and it certainly didn’t help anyone else.

“I want to be able to make up for that and show the new me and help out and give back to people who are in a similar situation.”

Regrets: Jesse wants to make up for the years he spent as an internet troll

Jesse, who lives in Michigan in the USA, now attends the gym five times a week and has completely turned his back on junk food.

He said: “I loved eating fast food, take outs and I’ve always had a sweet tooth - chocolate is a craving I still struggle with.

“Now I just eat enough calories to make sure I can support all my exercise.”

Jesse has never had a gastric band fitted but he does need surgical intervention to finish his transformation.

“I have some major problems with loose skin,” added Jesse.

Grass is greener: Former troll Jesse is happy to have put his past behind him
Jesse needs $20,000 for surgery to remove the loose skin from his belly, legs, arms and thighs

“When you lose that kind of weight you’re going to have loose skin and I have it in the belly area, under my arms and in my thigh area

“I now need to raise $20,000 to have the surgery and once it’s done my transformation will be complete.”

The person most proud of him is his mother Coreen Rosenogle, 56, who used to worry she would find him dead on the couch.

She said: "I thought he would die very young. I didn’t think he had much longer when he started trying to lose weight.

"He was very lazy, down in the dumps and blamed others.

"Now I feel absolutely fantastic and I don't worry anymore. It has been a Godsend. I hope he is able to work normally and get a place like everyone else and fulfil his dreams."