By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A NOSTALGIC artist has created works good enough to eat, by using JELLY to make portraits of The Beatles

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Henry's edible tribute to the band's Yellow Submarine era

New Zealander Henry Hargreaves used 12 boxes of the wobbly desert to make his swinging sixties creations.

Hey Jelly: A food artist's impression of Paul McCartney
While My Jelly Gently Sets: The late George Harrison

The works were made over two weeks in June and depict John, Paul, George, and Ringo, along with their famous yellow submarine.

Beatles-fan Henry said: "I've always enjoyed toying with people's expectations when it comes to food.

Day dripper: Henry pouring in the mixture

"Here, viewers might be fooled into thinking they're looking at a 2D illustration of the yellow submarine, but upon closer inspection they'll realise the reflective color blocks are in fact made entirely of jelly.”

With a Little Help from My Friends: The fab four on the move

The offbeat artist has dubbed his homage to the band 'Jello Submarine.'

All You Need is Jelly: John Lennon in dessert form
Starr in the Making: Ringo gets the jelly makeover

He created the portraits by using plasticine as an outline, and then filling in the shapes with the appropriately-coloured desert.

A replacement for Ringo?: Henry with three of the fab four

He continued: "Leading up to the 2012 US elections, I did portraits of all 44 presidents using plasticine to construct moulds of each face.

The artist has long-been a fan of the band's Yellow Submarine era

“Each mould was then filled with jelly, and the plasticine was removed once the liquid was set.

Henry creates his illustrations using plasticine

"With this new project, I applied the same method but left the plasticine in.”

The 36-year-old, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, works full-time as a photographer and food artist.

Each portrait took roughly two hours to make. 

Ringo in the early days of his jelly makeover