By Jack McKay @_jackmckay

A COUGAR sinks its teeth into a wolf in an epic battle to the death caught on camera for the first time

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Videographer / Director: Rod Mizak
Producer: Jack McKay, Chloe Browne
Editor: Ian Phillips

Jaws of death: The cougar holds onto its prey in the final throws

The incredible encounter was filmed on a phone after the animals were spotted by a group camping in the Canadian woods. 

The group were driving through backwoods close to Cowichan Lake, Vancouver, when they happened upon the fight in the road ahead. 

Rod believes this is the first time such an event has been caught on camera

After being disturbed the wolf made a break for the trees but was soon pounced on by the deadly cat.  

Rod Mizak grabbed his iPhone and torch to capture the wolf's final moments in the jaws of a mountain lion. 

The wolf initially had the upper hand but the tables turned

Rod, 53, said: “When we first came upon the scene the wolf had control of the fight - the cougar was on its back. 

“They were both fixed holding onto each other by the cheek.

The cougar broke the wolf's neck with its powerful jaws

“Our initial reaction was complete disbelief."

When Rod got out of the car with his phone and a light to get a better look the animals were disturbed and stopped fighting. 

He said: “The wolf let go and moved away but then the cougar pounced on the wolf. 

Feline hungry: The cougar removed the wolf to eat it elsewhere

“It was bone crushing - the sound penetrated my ears. 

“Once the wolf had it’s neck broken it surrendered. 

Cats eyes: The encounter was a reminder of the ferocity of nature

“The cougar held on to it until the last breath left the wolf.

"I feel very guilty for disturbing them - wolves are very special to me.”

Rod is a registered wilderness guide who spends most of his time sleeping outdoors

Rod, a health care provider, spends up to 250 nights of the year camping out in the Canadian wildness and wrote a guidebook on the area. 

He said: “Over the years i’ve seen more cougars than wolves but never anything like this.

“I’m still in shock”.