By Joe Roberts @jrobertsjourno

$1 MILLION worth of surgery has transformed a former drug addict and anorexia-sufferer into a plastic-enhanced babe

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Videographer / director: Rodrigo Gomez
Producer: Joe Roberts, James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne

Klara Lima, otherwise known as ‘Kitana Savage’, overcame eating disorders and a drug addiction, as well as the death of her parents at a young age, and says she is now the woman she always wanted to be.

The 28-year-old, originally from the Czech Republic and now travelling between London, Miami, and Dubai, has had three Brazilian butt-lifts and four breast enhancements, and is now a model and musician.

Klara spoke about her troubles and how she confronted them, telling Barcroft TV: “I got into drug addiction heavy, like big time. I would do cocaine, not to be hungry.

“I was doing from one to five grams a day. I was smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. I was drinking booze. I ate fast food. I completely gave up on my life.

“The self protection instinct worked well because when I actually see something is not working for me anymore, I just give it up. I just leave it.

“I like to transform. I like to be better. I didn't want to look like an average European girl or even a beautiful European girl. I wanted to look like the way I look right now.”

As well as the butt-lifts and breast enhancements, to create her new look, Klara paid for botox and facial fillers.

She currently has 800cc breasts, which she says is as large as she plans to go at this stage in her life.

It’s a remarkable transformation for a woman who has seen real hardship in her life, beginning with severe bullying at school.

Klara, who also spent much of her younger years in Canada, spoke about how her childhood was a contrast between luxury, due to her parents wealth, and suffering.

“My childhood was like heaven and hell,” she said. “I had a luxury childhood but I was bullied in school so it was like 50-50.

“As a kid I was definitely very wild. I was escaping to night clubs since age 12. I just did whatever I wanted. I was smoking weed. I was drinking since I was a kid.”

To make things worse, Klara, whose engineering father founded a successful air conditioning company, lost both her parents in a plane crash when she was just 17.

“One day my sister called me and she was crying,” said Klara. “She goes: ‘mum and dad got killed in a plane, they’re gone’.

“My parents dying changed something inside me and showed me how fragile life can be.“

Following the accident, Klara inherited her parent’s wealth, but she developed detrimental habits and her personal health deteriorated rapidly.

“It's very dangerous to give a lot of money to a young person without any guardians or control,” she explained.

“I developed Anorexia and Bulimia. I started to do drugs. I gained 40 kilos. People would be laughing at me because I looked very ugly.

“Bulimia is actually the worst. I guess it’s worst because this is something you can’t really control.

“Anorexia is all about control, so it became obsession. But Bulimia is obsession without control.”

After a particularly scary drug-fuelled episode in Mexico, where Klara became convinced she would die, she began to make major changes to her life.

She had her first plastic surgery procedure at 21, starting with a breast lift and implants to enhance her chest after dropping all the weight she’d gained due to Bulimia.

Numerous surgeries later, Klara is transformed, and says using her inheritance money to invest in herself was “the best investment she’s ever made”.

After reinventing her look, Klara became a model, and even sold sex tapes for a while, but stopped after six months.

Klara explained why she gave up on the tapes: “In every business you have to progress and I respect myself as a female. It was successful but the issue was that people would be stalking me, obsessed with me.

“They would tell me to do more and more, but I didn’t want to do anything which would make me look really cheap.”

She is now focusing on a music career as a rapper, having just released her first single and music video for the track “Push”.

She said: “My music is beautiful. It is very aggressive. It is angry music and I love writing.”

Meanwhile, she spends her time modelling and indulging in her love for fashion and beauty – often taking three hours to get ready for the day.

Her unique look has gained her a considerable following on Instagram, where her Kitana Savage persona has almost 170,000 followers, and on Facebook where her Klara Lima page has over half a million followers.

She said: “I’m lately really focused on image because I need people to start to take me more seriously than before, because I used to post just half-naked pictures.”

And while her Instagram following can sometimes bring its share of hurtful comments, Klara says she can no longer be phased by negativity.

“I have to be confident because people are staring me all the time,” she said. “I am being judged all the time, so I have to know who I am and try not to listen to the hateful comments.

“I believe that's the power. If you really know who you are, nobody can put you down.”