By Katie Mercer @katiemercer_bm

SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘living Ken doll’ Jonny Dylan says nothing will stand in the way of him achieving his dream of looking completely fake - even health warnings from doctors

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Videographer / director: Darcy Muenchrath
Producer: Katie Mercer, Ruby Coote
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Jonny Dylan spends $800 every month to maintain his look

Raised in Hong Kong, merchandiser Jonny now lives in Vancouver with his boyfriend, Joel – who disagrees with Jonny’s extravagant lifestyle.

Jonny has regular Botox injections and fillers and admits to spending around $800 every month on maintaining his striking plastic look.

Jonny explained: "When I was five years old, I got my first Ken doll. It was a Malibu Ken.

“He had blonde highlights, blue eyes, and dark eyelashes. He was tan with good bone structure.

“When I first saw the Ken doll, I knew that that was what perfection meant to me.

Jonny and boyfriend Joel have been together for two years

"I knew that I was going to pursue that.”

The 27-year-old slathers himself in fake tan, always has perfectly manicured nails and contoured make up, and uses eye-colour changing contact lenses to change his brown eyes to a more Ken doll-like azure gaze.

He said: “I started getting fillers about two years ago and definitely now I am really known for my big lips.

“I’m still not happy with the size though, I want them to be much bigger.

“I was refused fillers recently because the doctor thought my lips were already really big and that it would be dangerous to get more filler.

Jonny before he had lip fillers
Jonny would never leave the house without his make up on

“But I have seen people with bigger lips than mine so I knew I would find someone else to do it and I did.

"I got the filler but still not the amount that I want”

Jonny’s partner of two years, heavy duty mechanic, Joel said: “We are total opposites.

“I think plastic surgery and stuff is a waste of money. I don’t judge anyone but I would never get anything done myself.

“I do worry about the amount of procedures Jonny goes through because I think it is quite extreme and could be dangerous.”

Joel worries that the amount of procedures Jonny is willing to put himself through could be dangerous

Jonny, who blogs under the name Jonny Ken Doll online, says he will never stop getting cosmetic procedures and is planning on having a nose job.

The couple met on gay dating site Grindr and have been together for two years.

Jonny said: "Joel loves my look, he met me like this. He thought I was drop dead gorgeous when he met me.

“But he does like me a little more on a natural side. He likes how I look at home without the make-up. He loves the way I look without the fillers.

“Joel doesn’t really like plastic surgeries and fillers and Botox and all that stuff. He definitely would never do any of that. He is a manly guy and doesn’t care for any of that.”

Jonny says nothing will stop him from becoming a living Ken doll
Jonny has wanted to look like a Ken doll since he was a child

Jonny says he would never leave the house without make-up and says he would hate to look like a ‘basic bitch’.

His fascination with make-up began at a young age and he attended make-up school after leaving college.

“My parent’s reaction when I first starting wearing make-up was not that great. Especially my Mom, she didn’t like me wearing it at all.

“I used to go to school early to put my make-up on and wash it all off before they picked me up.

A doctor told Jonny putting any more filler in his lips would be dangerous
Jonny's best friend Jonathan supports him in his mission

“Now though, everything is totally fine. They know that make-up is something I love and they are super comfortable with it.

“My family do think that I look really fake. They definitely do prefer me looking more natural than artificial but when I look in the mirror, I think I look gorgeous!”

Bubbly Jonny’s best friend Jonathan encourages Jonny to live his dream and the pair regularly get Botox and fillers together.

Jonathan, who has been friends with Jonny for years said: “I think Jonny is a real inspiration. He has shown me that being yourself is all that matters and that is true happiness.

Jonny is planning on getting plastic surgery to make him even more doll like

“I look up to him and I would never discourage him from getting surgeries or procedures to look like a Ken doll. I think that he should go for whatever makes him happy.”

And Jonny is comfortable with the reactions he gets from the public.

He said: “I do get a lot of reactions to my look but usually people love it.

“People come up to me in the street and tell me I’m gorgeous and that I look fabulous.

He wears special contact lenses to change the colour of his eyes

“There are definitely haters out there that just don’t get it but I really don’t care what they think.

“I don’t care about how they look so they shouldn’t judge me on how I look.

“It’s my life and I’m allowed to live it the way I want to.

"Nothing will stop me from getting to my goal of looking like a Ken doll - I would do anything to get there."