By Joe Roberts @jrobertsjourno

PURSUING the ultimate in “femininity and artificiality” has led a Vienna woman on an incredible journey from goth to ‘deluxe bimbo’

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Videographer / director: David Carey

Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote 

Editor: Garry Sykes


Tattoo artist Kitty Ink has cultivated a one-of-a-kind style, complimenting her look with 1050cc breast implants, botox, liposuction, and numerous filler operations – all of which she estimates has cost her 60,000 Euros. 

The 46-year-old self-proclaimed “bimbo doll, trophy wife, and hedonist party girl” lives in a lavish home near Vienna, which she treats as an extension of her own unique style.

Kitty, whose motto is ‘plastic makes perfect’ told Barcroft Studios: “I’m never ever happy with my appearance. I think of myself as a piece of art in a constant state of evolution. 

“My goal for my different transformations is that I want to look super-artificial and super-feminine. I just want to be a perfect illusion and look exaggerated and artificial. 

“People think I’m strange. Meanwhile, I like that because otherwise it would be boring. I don't want to be average, I always want to be over the top.”

Kitty grew up feeling like she didn’t quite fit into an ‘ordinary life’ and felt a strong pull toward a more expressive lifestyle.

“Even at a young age I never wanted to be an ordinary person,” she said. 

“I never quite fit in and always felt a deep yearning to everything extravagant, unique, and spectacular.”

Having overcome these early years of alienation, Kitty set her sights on achieving what she calls “nothing less than female perfection” and “becoming an exaggeration of the absolute feminine.”

She had her first breast augmentation at the age of 36, adding 400cc implants to her chest and upgrading them in late-2019 to 1050cc – the largest allowed in Europe.

Over the years, her look has developed from goth to a more bimbo-influenced style – combining Kitty’s taste for darkness with a more lighthearted aesthetic.

“A few years ago I was more a gothic bimbo,” she explained. 

"I still love that look, but now it’s more and more turning into pink. One can say I have a black heart with a lot of pink glitter on top.”

The Harley Quinn and Mötley Crüe fanatic’s unique goth-meets-barbie look has gained her a significant following as a tattoo artist in Vienna, where she runs her own studio ‘Wild At Heart’.

But throughout her career as a party promoter, DJ, and now as one of Vienna’s most sought-after tattoo artists, Kitty has made sure her personal style allowed her to stand out.

Of course, having such a flamboyant appearance has gained Kitty some negative attention too. But despite receiving judgement and stares for her extravagant appearance, Kitty remains incredibly confident in herself.

She said: “I always get a lot of stares when I leave the house. Some are friendly, some are not too friendly, but I don’t care about that. For those people who don’t like what they see I always suggest ‘don’t look’.

“I hope that people judge me for my look, because otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting. I would be boring and average and nobody would take notice of me and that wouldn’t be good.”

Her success has afforded her the luxury of decking out her impressive farm house outside the Austrian capital in extravagant decor.

“We had a vision when we bought this house,” she said. 

“It was an old farm house. And we had to do a lot of refurbishment room by room.

“My house is an extension of my appearance. It’s as if I put my innermost thoughts into the house.”

The incredible home boasts a full party room in the cellar, complete with stripper pole, DJ booth, and dance floor - providing Kitty with her own personal club.

There’s also a ‘bimbo room’ that’s decorated entirely in pink and houses Kitty’s numerous wigs and bimbo attire.

“The bimbo room is my most favorite room,” she said. 

“I keep all my accessories there. Everything glittering, everything pink. This is my heaven.”

Both the house and Kitty are an evolving artwork in their own right, with no end in sight for what the creative entrepreneur will do next.

“I will never stop getting plastic surgery,” said Kitty. 

“I love it when my body changes and I love the new look when I’m finally healed. 

“The surgeries I want to have in the future are filling up my cheeks with own FETs and filling up my lips with own FETs just to keep them more stable because the fillers vanish very quickly and that's not good because I always want to have them big and shiny.

“I will always work on my look and there’s no end in sight. As long as I have enough money and good doctors and tattooists I will go on. I think my transformation will end when I end.”