By Samantha Grillo @samanthagrillo

LEGGY model Lauren Williams is making huge strides in her career with the longest legs in America - measuring a whopping 49 inches

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Lauren flaunts her shapely pins for the camera

With her lean, lengthy look the 25-year-old has been dwarfing competition since launching her modeling career four years ago. 

She also has a leg up on people who challenge her to volleyball - her shapely pins have made her a college championship as well.

Check out those pins! Lauren's legs measure a whopping 45 inches

But while her legs have helped her professionally and with sports - they become problematic in everyday situations. 

Lauren, from Texas, USA said: “The long, lean look is in style right now and people will contact me because that’s what they want - I’m all legs.

The 25-year-old Texan turns heads wherever she goes
She had a leg up in her favoured sport volleyball and excelled at university

“Having the longest legs in the country has really jumpstarted my career because people know who I am. 

“I model mostly fitness and swimwear because those accentuate that long look.  

“But it’s difficult for me to sit comfortably on a plane, and finding clothes that fit is extremely hard."

Lauren’s height comes as no surprise as her two older sisters, mum, and dad are all above 6 feet tall.

Leggy Lauren towers over her fellow models at a glamorous shoot

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, Lauren wears jeans with a 39 inch inseam, which is nearly impossible for her to find. 

She said: “I grew up faster than I was ready for - before I hit high school I was already 6ft and I grew a few more inches while in school. 

“I get called ‘the giraffe’ all the time - my Instagram name is @theclassicgiraffe.

The glamorous model has problems with her long legs as she can never find jeans to fit her 39 inch inseam

“It’s definitely difficult having long legs because these clothes are meant to fit the majority of people.

“If you’re not in that category you are probably not going to be able to walk into a store and walk out with something that fits you perfectly. 

“Recently a Karlie Kloss denim collection had a line of jeans that ran super long and I pretty much bought them in every colour.

Lauren is constantly called 'giraffe'
And her tall stature runs in the family

“Flying is also a hassle because a lot of airlines are trying to fit more people on each flight so the space is much smaller."

But despite her tribulations she is looking to take her career to new heights. 

Lauren said: “I am super grateful because my career in fashion is really taking off.

“My body is just built this way so I am very lucky, everyone is looking for something that makes them unique and my long legs are my thing.”

Lauren models fitness and swimwear to accentuate her long limbs

Her friend Kate Lipnick, 26, said: “Lauren having the longest legs in America is pretty awesome.

When she told me I was not really surprised though - she does have very long legs.

Vertigo: Lauren reached 6ft by the time she started high school

"I am envious of her longs legs. I wish my legs were longer - I’m only 5ft."

The current Guinness World Records holder for the world’s longest legs is Svetlana Pankratova, who stands 6 feet 5 inches with 51.9 inch legs.