By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

ARTIST Cody Wells has turned his childhood hobby into a career - selling incredible portraits made of LEGO blocks

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Out of this world: Cody holds up his Star Trek Enterprise Lego creation

The 37-year-old has earned $100,000 and successfully pulled himself out of debt by selling his creations.

Although Cody is not officially associated with the Lego company, he is regularly commissioned by wealthy clients to create unique works of art.

Cody posing with his Lego Titanic ship model

Some of his works include the Titanic, the Ghostbusters logo, and popular cartoon characters.

Cody said: “I started building with Lego when I was a little kid - I was afraid to sleep upstairs and my dad didn’t like me sleeping in bed with him and my mother.

Cody has made $100,000 selling his unique portraits and models

“I told him I was afraid of ghosts and he told me to build a ghost trap from the movie Ghostbusters with my Legos and that’s what I did.

“Now I create simple portraits of popular Disney characters to more complicated ones like Marilyn Monroe.

Cody uses more than 1,900 blocks on some of his artwork

“I used to work part time in a restaurant and I would show patrons my art and they would ask me to do some for them.

“The most expensive piece I’ve sold cost $26,000.”

Cody, from New York, started selling his creations in 2010

It takes Cody, from New York, about one week to build each Lego set.

He said: “I’m very busy, and anything you want I can make it out of Lego.

Child's play - Cody has been building with Legos since he was a young kid

“Some of my creations are what I call a reverse portrait - it’s one framed picture but there’s two pictures in one.

“If you look at it from the right, you see the Batman symbol, if you look at it from the left, you see the Superman logo - anything is possible.”

It takes Cody about a week to finish each piece

And the sky is the limit for Cody, who says there is a very high demand for his artwork.

Cody said: “This is a unique business and there’s a very limited amount of people who offer this type of work.

Cody says there is a high demand for his unique artwork

“Lego is a toy to me, but the fact that people see my value in a Lego toy means the world to me.

“If something is your passion that’s what you should do - so I build Lego art.”

He has sold creations for up to $26,000