By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A swimming teacher has pulled off a stunt of biblical proportions, after she was filmed WALKING on WATER

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Walking on water? Lenka appears to have an inhuman gift

Slovakian synchronised swimmer Lenka Tanner performs the trick UPSIDE-DOWN, by diving beneath the water and then pacing across the surface from below.

Coming up for air: The experienced swimmer hopes to raise the profile of the unusual past-time
Different perspectives: The picture has been flipped upside down to appear as if she is walking on water

The 30-year-old, who pulled off the trick on February 28, is hoping the stunt will raise the sport's profile.

Graceful: Lenka points her toes to create a stunning picture
Topsy-turvy: Lenka has been practising for year

Lenka, who has lived in Nottingham since 2010, said: “For me, running on water is not that hard, because I’ve been practicing it for over 20 years.

Deep breath: Lenka has to hold her breath to capture the shot
Lenka lives in Nottingham - but has travelled as far as the Maldives for her sport

“The big deal for me now is to give the sport a boost.”

On the run: Lenka appears to sprint across the water
Catch me if you can: She strolls across the surface

Lenka manages her own synchronised swimming team called the AquaStars, who meet at a Nottingham-based leisure centre, and the water-baby hopes to pass the skill on to the youngsters in the group.

Lenka flips the world on its head with her unusual technique

She has been involved in the sport since she was six years old, and recently started making waves in the world of advertising- with luxury holiday firm Kuoni flying her out to the Maldives to appear in a promotion.