By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

AN INTREPID climber made the first ascent of a rock face FOUR TIMES higher than The Shard in London

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INTO THE VOID: British adventurer Leo Houlding scales the Mirror Wall in Greenland
LONG WAY DOWN: The north-west rockface is 1,200m high - four times higher than the Shard

British adventurer Leo Houlding led a team of five up the remote Mirror Wall in Greenland in teeth-chattering arctic conditions.

Before they had even completed their expedition to the foot of the 1,200 metre granite surface, three of the team were struck down with illness.

Despite the setback, Leo and his crew became the first men to successfully scale the north west face of the Mirror Wall.

CARRY ON CAMPING: The climbers set up their tents while dangling from the vertical rock

The five men tackled the treacherous climb over 13 days, and had to sleep in tents suspended from the rock face.

The experience was emotional for Leo, after the recent death of his friend Sean 'Stanley' Leary in a BASE-jumping accident.

After completing the climb, Leo, who has a two-year-old daughter named Freya, said: “I know I am now more risk averse.

UNEASY SLEEP: The team slept in tents suspended from the rock face

"I have felt danger keenly throughout this trip for both myself and the crew.

"I do not want to miss out on the ephemeral joy of Freya's childhood, but expressing myself in this landscape is a part of me.

"Having the privilege of running wild with these strong guys out here in this grown-up playground for weeks on end is to be cherished too.

WHAT'S UP: Leo surveys the higher section of the Mirror Wall as he prepares for the challenge ahead

“I have thought much about Stanley, his widow Annemeika, and fatherless son Finn.

“Stanley’s death, pursuing his dream of freedom and flight at such an untimely moment, has made me question my own values and drive.

"One day a tiger or a lifetime as a sheep? Surely there is another path?

GRUBS UP: Leo (l) emerges from his sleeping bag to join Joe (r) for a much-needed breakfast

"I suppose I'll continue to strive to find the balance between domestic and wild, comfort and epic, family and adventure."

Leo, from the Lake District in Cumbria, completed the climb with Joe Möhle from South Africa, Matt Pickles from West Yorkshire,  Matt Pycroft from Sheffield, and Waldo Etherington from Dorset.

The five men set off on July 10, and reached the summit in the thick of an upward snowstorm on July 22.

LIVING ON THE EDGE: The team take in the breathtaking view at the summit

The daredevils free-climbed 23 of the 25 sections, using safety equipment for the remaining two.

Once they had made it to the top, they made the descent back down for a scheduled helicopter collection.

After reaching base camp on Leo’s 35th birthday on July 25, he tweeted: “We nailed it! All safe in base camp after climbing Mirror Wall by the main face.”

The towering Mirror Wall is a granite surface located beyond the Edward Bailey Glacier in eastern Greenland.

Houlding’s expedition was sponsored by British outdoor brand Berghaus and the team was equipped with the latest kit from Berghaus’ Extreme range.