By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

EVEN in the animal world the young annoy their parents – and it is no different for this leopard cub

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Got ya! The playful cub attempts to get the better of his tolerant mother

The young feline accompanied its mother as it crossed the road in the Kruger Park, South Africa, but was suddenly overcome by an urge to play.

High five: The playful pair touch paws

The male cub attacked the older cat and tried to get his parent to join in the fun – unaware she was becoming aggravated.

Leopard lick: the little family share an intimate moment
Rough and tumble: the cub play fights with its mother

Dionne Van Wyk, 45, watched as the young male tried to play with its indifferent mother.

Rough and tumble: the pair appear to merge into one as they play in the grass

She said: “It was an overcast morning with some drizzle. We were overtaken by another car and about 400 meters further on the two leopards walked across the road right in front of us.

Watching: Dionne Van Wyk, 45, watched as the young male tried to play with its indifferent mother

“We could see that one was smaller than the other and at first glance thought it was a male and female. Only when the smaller one kept on playing and attacking the bigger one, we realised that it was a young male and his mother.

Scar face: the play fight appears aggressive at times

“We were treated with them playing for more than an hour right next to the road. At times you could see the mother getting a little aggravated with the constant harassment but like a good mother, she would take it in her stride and continue with the playing.

Worn out: mother and cub rest after their tussle

“They eventually disappeared in the thick bush and that was the last we saw of them.

“We still can not believe how blessed we were to experience such a sighting and be able to take such intimate photos.”