By Mark Hodge @MrHodgey

A PUSHY male leopard is brought down to earth after picking a fight up a tree

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Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips

The angry beast climbs the tree as the lady leopard balances on the weak branches

Filmed by Polish couple Andrzej and Aleksandra Dybala, this dramatic footage shows the bossy beast fall an estimated seven metres to the ground after attempting to knock a lady leopard off her perch.

Sitting pretty: The lighter more agile cat sits in the tree

Shot on September 26, in Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa, the large male predator scaled the tree to attack the smaller female he had been feuding with.

The female stands to attention as the larger predator comes closer

The battered big cat survived the potentially deadly drop unscathed although he seemed to be nursing a bruised ego.

The cats tangle up the tree - the male fell an estimated seven metres

Business owner Aleksandra, 37, who has lived in South Africa for more than 20 years, was celebrating her two year wedding anniversary with Andrzej, 62.

The bullish beast quickly climbs the tree and launches an attack on the female

She said: “He was hanging around the tree, sniffing and sitting - suddenly, for no reason he went up the tree and went nuts.

The scared leopard had taken refuge in the tall tree

“At first, It looked as if she was going to fall, but she managed to hold on and then she clapped him and he just fell - we heard a thump as he hit the ground.

Food fight: The pair had been feuding over an impala kill

“I had never even seen two leopards together, much less a domestic dispute - after the fight she stayed up the tree and the male just walked off.”

The bossy big cat quickly regretted his decision to launch the attack

And Aleksandra revealed that the feline feud was sparked by an impala kill.

Drop zone: The male leopard survived the fall seemingly unscathed

She said: “We saw a leopard with a kill up a tree the previous day - the next morning we went to go find him again. We drove around and found the female first heading for the carcass.

Bruised ego: The pushy leopard takes stock after the failed attack

“The rangers think that she probably killed the impala the day before and he stole it from her, took it up into the tree and chased her off.

“She was probably coming back to get the rest of her kill.”