By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

WHAT a scaredy-cat! This is the moment a leopard jumps into the air after being startled by a WARTHOG

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Videographer / Director: Sheila Grobbelaar
Producer: Chloe Browne
Editor: Sonia Estal

Laying low: The spotted leopard keeps close to the ground after spotting its prey

The leopard, which is known in the animal kingdom as a quick and determined predator, had been stalking the tusked pig for two hours.

Behind the bushes: The warthog is oblivious to the calculating predator

The warthog was completely oblivious to the danger lurking nearby as he drank from the Sable Dam in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The leopard gets ready to pounce on its easy dinner

The leopard is known as Thor and has claimed the Sable Dam as his territory – but he was about to encounter an unlikely aggressor.

Danger! The leopard jumps out at the warthog

Sheila Grobbelaar, 53, who was watching the exchange, said: “A small herd of impala and buffalo came down to drink together and when impala gave warning snorts - we knew he was still there.

Giving him the paw: The leopard swipes at the warthog with his paw

“The next visitor was a warthog, who came to drink in the tiny puddle a way off. The next thing we saw was the leopard stalking the pig, who was totally unaware of the impending danger.

But the warthog turns around and brandishes his sharp tusks at the predator

“The warthog looked up suddenly and we thought that he may have heard the leopard, but he didn't seem too perturbed. 

Big surprise: The leopard jumps into the air with shock

"This was the moment Thor decided to come down the embankment and attempt the kill.

Always land on their feet: The big cat suddenly runs away after the attack

“He gave the warthog a cat-slap, but the warthog reacted very quickly and spun around, he was not going to go down easily.

Bruised ego: Both animals run in different directions

“He threw his head around with razor sharp tusks very close to the leopard who became air-bound and decided that injury or death were not his destiny today and tailed it, pig heading in one direction and leopard in the opposite.”

Meal to go? The warthog scurries away from the leopard

Neither animal was hurt during the encounter - except for the leopard’s bruised ego.