By Chloe Sweet @ChloeSweet

A SOCIAL MEDIA star who is transforming his face to look like an “Instagram filter” says that even after five major surgeries, he is still chasing his dream look

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Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote

Editor: Beth Angus

Levi Jed Murphy, who is in his early twenties, has undergone two lip lifts, a rhinoplasty, a cheek lift, eyelid surgery, teeth veneers and numerous rounds of fillers and botox. He told Truly: “There’s definitely room for a lot more procedures… I am actually unhappy with my nose job." The Tik-Tok sensation has always spoken openly about his surgeries with his 10 million followers and often plays up to negative comments about his “plastic” appearance. “A lot of people think I’m some weird, crazy person that just wants loads of surgeries because I’m insecure about how I look… Hopefully, I won’t get to a stage where I have to use the Instagram filter,” Levi added.