By Hannah Stevens @hannahshewans

THE brutal reality of war is laid bare in these haunting photos from the frontline of the liberation of East Mosul

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Fighting has been raging in Iraq since ISIS militants began attacking Iraqi military bases in 2014

Frontline photographer Osie Greenway has been documenting clashes related to the Syrian Civil and the refugee crisis since 2012. 

A young boy who was injured in an airstrike flees the city of Mosul with his family

He arrived in northern Iraq in 2014 just as ISIS were storming military bases and captured the city of Mosul from the Iraqi army.

Mosul residents line up to receive medical treatment from the Iraqi security forces

Osie is now deep in Iraq covering the offensive to liberate the entirety of Mosul - Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi announced the liberation of East Mosul on January 24.

A view from a shooting post reveals the husks of Mosul's bombed buildings

The photos, taken in January 2017, expose the harsh conditions awaiting the newly liberated citizens of Mosul as they line up to receive medicine and food from the Iraqi army and face the prospect of rebuilding the remains of the city.

Mosul's business district has been almost completely destroyed by airstrikes

Portraits expose the remains of bombed out buildings in Mosul’s business district, which took heavy shelling during fighting between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants, and the bodies of ISIS fighters left to rot in the open air.

A man pushes a trolley full of belongings out of the city as he flees with his family

One image captures the charred remains of a teenage ISIS fighter killed during an airstrike, while another shows Iraqi youths celebrating a wedding as they drive past the remains of an alleged ISIS militant killed during clashes between Iraqi soldiers and ISIS.

Young children seeking to leave Mosul cross a bridge

ISIS propaganda has a heavy presence throughout the city and murals profess, “We will fight all of the West” and, “We are fighting in Iraq though we are keeping our eyes on Palestine” to passersby.

ISIS propaganda paints every available space in newly liberated Eastern Mosul

While the fighting rages on in Western Mosul, citizens of Eastern Mosul are dusting themselves off and beginning the long road to recovery as the war that has torn apart families and destroyed countless buildings carries on around them.

Rubble is a common sight in the war torn region which has been subject to countless airstrikes during the conflict