By Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD limbo skater has set a new world record - despite the fact he only started skating two years ago

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Videographer / Director: Mohan Ram
Producer: Haziq Qadri, Nick Johnson, Basit Umer
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On a roll: The gifted seven-year-old can skate under bars that are just centimetres above the ground

Tiluck Keisam, from Manipur in Northeast India, set a new world record for the furthest distance limbo skating under bars at the Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi, India.

The hyper-flexible youngster skated 116 metres in 31.87 seconds on December 20, 2015 - smashing the previous record of 50 metres.

Quick learner: Record-breaking Tiluck has only been skating since 2013 and has already raised the bar

And to keep things challenging, the bars Tiluck passed under were set at only 28cm high, 7cm less than the required 35cm.

Tiluck's record-breaking skate also featured his signature move - a U-turn half way through his run.

The seven-year-old has to complete a gruelling daily training regime
Flexible Tiluck fell in love with skating after watching other children do it in 2013

His coach, Rohtash Dinoda, claimed: “Tiluck is the only skater across the world who takes a U-Turn at half distance and skates continuously.

"This is a world record and no one else has been successful in doing a U-turn.”

Despite his age, Tiluck has a gruelling daily training regime - he wakes at 4am and after a quick breakfast practices for three hours in the morning and four in the evening.

The youngster's mother Pravabati ties up her talented son's shoelaces

Ricky Keisam, Tiluck's father, said: "I feel extremely happy at my son's achievements and I'm fully confident that he can achieve whatever he wants to in the future."

Tiluck first discovered his love of skating in 2013 after his parents took him to the sports centre for basketball lessons.

In the end there were no coaching sessions that day, but the Indian boy spotted a group of children skating - and set his heart on joining them.

Tiluck takes a break to stock-up on food during practice

Mum Pravabati Takhellambam said: “Tiluck was too young to take classes in skating, we didn't allow him.

"But he said if Ben-Ten (an American animated series) can do it, why can’t I?

"Then we met the skating coach and there’s been no looking back since that day.”

Tiluck has participated in various competitions across the county and won a total of 42 medals and certificates.

The record-breaker give his supportive mother a hug
Limbo-skating Tiluck is a fan of the the web-slinger Spider-man

Under the guidance of Dinoda, Tiluck was adjudged as the overall best limbo skater for the year 2014-15.

The youngster now wants to make his county proud and dreams of winning a gold medal in the Olympics for his country.

Low rider: Flexible Tiluck shows off his remarkable ability

Dibakar Sarkar, the commissioner at the Delhi Development Authority, a state owned body that run the sports centre where Tiluck set his record, said: “Tiluck is a prodigy and he performs brilliantly in limbo skating.

"Apart from skating, he is a brilliant student who makes his school, Bluebells International School, proud.”