By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

FEROCIOUS lions trade blows in a violent DUST-up while competing for the affections of the same female

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Three's a crowd: The big cats become aggressive after being caught in the act

The two brothers had already fought over the lioness the day before, after encountering her in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

King of rumble: the ferocious predators collide over the promiscuous female

A family feud developed after one male overpowered the other and claimed the female as his mate.

The fight breaks out as one brother lunges at the other

But the next morning the victorious lion flew into a fit of rage, after the lioness offered herself to the losing brother.

The female makes a dash for it as the males fight it out

Dramatic images of the ensuing fight were captured by animal researcher Brent Stapelkamp, who said: “The two brothers, who were in the process of taking over another lion's territory, had just the day before fought over a lioness they had found unattended.

A struggle breaks out after one lion catches the other with the female

“The one brother had badly beaten the other and mated with her that day. 

“On this morning I had tracked the lions and was watching them, listening to the resident male coming to chase them off. 

Brothers in arms: The males grapple with each other

“Just then the female ran up to the loser of the previous fight and presented herself to him. How could he resist? 

“He mounted her and this sent his brother into a mad frenzy. The incoming resident male was forgotten as the lion charged in and attacked his brother.”

The claws comes out: The males sink their teeth in

The jilted lover won the fight once again, with his cheating sibling taking on a submissive position.

'Mane' man: One brother gets the better of the other

The three lions then made a dash for it when the resident arrived back at his territory.

Family feud: The lions show their teeth in the scrap

Zimbabwean animal researcher Brent Stapelkamp, 37, captured the images back in 2012 but has only now released them to the public.