By Mark Hodge @MrHodgey

A HUNGRY lion bites off more than he can chew after trying to feast on a hippo carcass

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Videographer / Director: Cornel Rademeyer
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Sonia Estal

The lion struggles to get a grip of dead hippo as it fights against the current of the Sabi River

The footage shows the peckish predator using the dead animal as a life raft, after becoming stranded in a ferocious part of the Sabi River in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The male predator is pulled away from its free lunch by the strong curren

Filmed by French tourists Denis and Valerie Wiest in November 2014, the lion got himself caught in a spot of hot water after spying a free lunch in the river.

The lion takes refuge from the strong current on the body of the hippo

Denis confirmed that after mis-judging the strong current, the big cat ended up using his meal as refuge.

Testing the water: The big cat looks apprehensive as he sits on top of the dead hippo

He said: “We were filming from the Lower Sabie camp bridge, just above where the dead hippo was lying.

Taking the plunge: The lion falls off the dead hippo

“There were two male lions close by who spotted the animal in the river.

“One of the cats lay down on the road and waited, while the second ventured out towards the hippo.

Swimming on an empty stomach: The feline seems to have bitten of more than he can chew

“We watched in shock as the lion tried to pick a piece of the hippo, but the carcass was very slippery and the current was really strong.

Two French tourists film the lion as it climbs on top of the carcass

“The poor lion fell in the water and looked really distressed as the current started to pull him away.

Liquid lunch: The male predator tries to get a hold of the slippery carcass

“However he was able to swim back to the hippo and ended up climbing on top until a car with rangers arrived.”