By Tom GIllespie @TomGillespie1

A LIONESS plucks a bird out of the sky and shares the meal with her cubs

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The big cat prepares to catch the bird

The huntress brought down her prey at the Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ignorance is bliss? The hapless bird doesn't even see it coming

The images were captured by 33-year-old wildlife guide Bradley Leontsinis. 

Winging it: The hadeda bird left it a bit too late

He said: “I noticed the lioness displaying interest in the large bird.

In a flap: The prey pictured in the dying moments of its life

"She stalked and chased it unsuccessfully once but seemed quite determined to continue in her pursuit.

Leap of faith: The lioness goes for it

"When the bird landed on the other side of a bush from where her position was, both her eyes and mine sparked up as I think we mutually recognised the cover which the tree would afford her.

Takedown: It's all but over for the bird

“I immediately moved our vehicle to position on the other side of the tree so we would have the attack coming towards us.

Crunch time: The big cat chomps on the prey's wing

“The lioness simultaneously bee-lined from her position at the time to a position behind the tree"

Eyes on the prize: The cub knows what it wants

After successfully catching the hadeda bird, the lioness shared the spoils with her cubs.

Lionesses give you wings

Bradley continued:  “We had just managed to position our vehicle in place when she began to use the tree for cover to quickly stalk closer. 

Give me that: A cub has one thing on its mind

“She committed to the chase very quickly once she got around the tree and before the bird could react in time she was on it.

Mane meal: It's the lioness's plucky day

“I couldn’t wait to check the images.”

The South African photographer took the photos in June 2012.