By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

A LONE lioness shows her determination - single-handedly felling a towering giraffe

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Meal to go? The giraffe gallops away with the lioness in hot pursuit

The desperate predator looked to be getting in difficulty as she struggled to take down the tall animal.

The lioness latches onto the giraffe's hind legs

But the reason for her tenacity soon became apparent as she had precious cubs to feed.

The lioness hooks her claws into the giraffe's back legs

Brent Stapelkamp, a 37-year-old researcher saw the dramatic tussle in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Persistant: The lioness has badly injured the giraffe - but the tall animal tries to get away

The lioness refused to let the giraffe escape despite the danger she was in.

Giraffes are prey to lions - but most predators hunt in big packs

The determined cat had been chasing the giraffe, which can grow to six metres tall, with its pride.

Other lions join the fray - but they are not enough to bring down the mighty beast

But the other lionesses were distracted by a passing warthog and chose to chase the easier prey instead.

Brent said: “A giraffe’s kick can easily kill a lion so we were desperate that her pride come to help.

One kick can send the lion flying into the air - but the cat is determined to bring her food down

“Two one year olds came and followed her but added no help.

“The killing bite is to the throat but she had to bring it down first so chose the bite the chest, eventually causing the giraffe to fall.

The giraffe is ready to buckle after a persistent campaign by the lion

“It fell in top of her and we gasped because we have lost lions like that before, but as it rolled off, she was out and at the throat.

Brought down: The giraffe finally collapses on the floor as the lion looks on

“Only later did we see that she had fresh suckle stains on her teat meaning she had new cubs hidden and waiting for a feed.

“This explained her tenacity.”

Killer blow: The lioness is finally able to kill it by a bite to the throat - and feast on the remains