By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

A 3ft 8ins fashion blogger is proving that fashion is for all heights and sizes

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Videographer / director: Andres Aponte
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ed Baranski
Editor: Sonia Estal

28-year-old Doris Jeong is a fashion blogger with dwarfism, and shares style tips for women all over the world on her blog “I Wear Shirts As Dresses”.

Her blog advises women on how to dress for your size and where to find pieces that are fit for fashionista’s on the smaller side.

Doris, who’s based in Seattle, told Barcroft TV: “I think it is a bit difficult to get other people to see that fashion has no size limit.

"People think that fashion is only for the tall, skinny and beautiful but I definitely think, with a little more effort, we could make it work. Fashion is for everybody.

“I first started blogging in 2009. I was in college and I had bought kind of a long tunic, women’s tunic, and I thought it was really cute and I wore it as a dress. I realised I can totally wear shirts as dresses!”

A paralegal by day, Doris spends every free moment illustrating her fashion designs and sharing her fashion tips with her Instagram followers.

She said: “So my two main goals with my blog - first, is just to express myself, I’ve always been a creative person and I also do fashion illustration, so it was about showcasing my artwork, as well as my outfits.

“The other objective of my blog is to be a resource for other little people.”

Even though she was heads shorter than her peers, the blogger was never made to feel different growing up.

Jeong said: “Growing up with dwarfism, it was really interesting because not only do I have dwarfism, I’m also Korean, so it’s kind of like a double minority.

“The Korean community, it might even be the Asian community in general, we don’t really like to talk about stuff. So, my dwarfism was never really addressed.

“My parents helped me, I guess with my dwarfism, by not treating me any different. I don’t know if it’s because they're Asian and I have a tiger mom, but she did not really expect anything less than the best for me.”

The no-nonsense blogger also shares videos on her YouTube channel, including a video where she advises people what to avoid saying to a little person.

While the fashion lover remains optimistic about finding love, she has experienced many a setback.

She said: “Being born with dwarfism definitely affected my love life. I think manoeuvring through all the fish in the sea is already hard in itself in the 21st century, but I think when you add dwarfism to it it definitely makes it a little bit more challenging.

“I think it either goes one way or the other. Guys either see me as a cute little sister or, the other end of the spectrum is the one’s with, like, fetishes, and I’m just trying to find the middle ground.”

Doris hopes to learn to sew in the future so she can make her dreams of designing clothes a reality, she is also featuring in this October’s International Dwarf Fashion Show.

She said: “What I hope people will learn from my blog is that, fashion really is for everybody and, it’s kinda like my title, ‘I wear shirts as dresses’, it’s kind of like a metaphor for everything in life.

“Even as a little person you can do whatever you want, I hope that’s what readers take away from my blog, that you can do whatever you want.”

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