By Martha Hewett @martha_hewett

A FASHION photographer has transformed her LA home into a 1970’s version of Barbie’s Dreamhouse

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Videographer / director: Jacki Huntingdon

Producer: Martha Hewett, Ruby Coote

Editor: Helen Mckee​


Hidden away in the San Fernando Valley lies a pink-pillared mansion with a matching convertible parked outside.

Jamie Nelson, 36, has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, photographing the likes of Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani.

As stylish as her subjects, you could easily assume the pink spinning bed or the fur-walled bathroom that features on Jamie’s Instagram is just a part of her job.

However, this is Jamie’s not-so-humble abode – boasting fabulous retro interior with a burst of colour inside.

Described as ‘Barbie meets Madonna Inn meets the 70s’, the house draws inspiration from the iconic Pink Palace, owned by Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield.

Jamie told Barcroft TV: “I moved to LA from New York City two years ago and I’ve been creating my dream house ever since. I came to LA with a pink house in mind.”

She has spent the last two years transforming the home from a blank canvas into a creation of colour with 70’s vibes.

“When I first moved into the house [it was] a blank canvas and I had to take each element that she left – whether it was the blue curtains or pink curtains – and determine where I was going to with each room based on that.”

For Jamie, it was important she kept an element of the previous owner’s style: “It took a lot of work to figure out – how do I keep this classy and how do I respect the vision she had and still bring in myself and edge it up?”

Rather than make the entire house pink, Jamie decided each room would take on a different colour and theme.

“I don’t ever get tired of the colours of the rooms because there’s a blue room, a yellow room, a red room, a pink room, a gold room.”

Growing up in Colorado Springs, Jamie was always infatuated by visuals of decades gone by and dreamt of becoming an artist.

From the age of 17, she formulated a plan to live in a pink house, surrounded by pool boys serving her drinks whilst she floated on a pink flamingo.

“I dreamt I’d live in my pink mansion and they’d serve me grapes and cocktails.”

Jamie has had numerous requests for music videos, fashion campaigns and commercials to be filmed at the house.

The blue room is often used as a ‘wardrobe room’: “It gets used a lot for photoshoots, we’ve had celebrities come in here and enjoy their own private dressing room.”

And even Vogue has requested the use of her ‘red bedroom’.

“I got red fur and put that all over the ceilings and the walls here. I had to go to a store that sold the Hollywood red carpet.”

The sensual bedroom is stocked with everything from a 1970’s condom machine to retro pornographic magazines.

At any of Jamie’s infamous parties, she says you’ll always find someone in here taking a selfie: “No matter what you picture you take in here, it looks like a porno.”

The first person to stay in this room was Jamie’s 80-year-old grandmother, who requested she leave the room as is much to Jamie’s delight: “I didn’t know she was so spicy!”

Jamie’s favourite room in the house is her master bedroom, with a bathroom covered wall to wall in pink fur.

“I spend a lot of time getting ready in that bathroom and it’s such a beautiful routine to see the light streaming through the curtains – it just feels glamorous and surreal.”

Complete with a round spinning bed and chandelier, the bedroom epitomises the charm of the entire house.

She explains: “Pink is a representation of softness and femininity for me.”

In case you may come to the conclusion that Jamie is the embodiment of ‘girlie’, she ensures she has always been a bit of a tomboy and has her ‘guy’s cave’ filled with two motorcycles and a truck to prove it.

“I’ve always been a really strong woman.”

Although Jamie thought she’d feel lonely when she moved here, she feels anything but.

“I’ve had people here every single day. Even it’s a commercial job, I end up meeting friends and inviting people over to my parties.”

And for Jamie, this is the most important part of the house – the part where everyone feels welcome and has fun.

“The most important thing to me is that everyone here feels the positive vibes.”