By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

LOVE is in the air approaching Valentine's Day, and it’s affecting everyone no matter how big or tiny they may be

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'The Flower Garden'

David Gilliver’s Little People are feeling the full power of love, from young lovers to elderly soulmates.

'Keeping The Spark Alive'

Some are striking it lucky, as they embrace precariously balanced on a match, whilst others are keeping the spark alive and others are watching fireworks atop a champagne cork.

'Love At First Breakfast'

David said: "It’s all about love. Small world, big hearts.”

Hopefully this little couple aren't out of their depth

The artist from Glasgow has been inventing new scenarios for his small civilisations for over 15 years, since studying Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.

Love is sweet!

He said: "Miniature figurines have always fascinated me and I take a lot of enjoyment from thinking up new ideas, and how to inject humour into any particular scenario.”

'Match Made in Heaven'

No stranger to using confectionary in his tiny scenes, Love Hearts sweets of course make an appropriate appearance in Gilliver’s new work.

'Strike It Lucky'

He said: “I love coming up with new ideas for how the figures can interact with the objects they are being photographed alongside, and for some reason sweets have become a real personal favourite of mine.”

Love can be found in the strangest of places

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The little people are feeling the full effects of Valentine's Day