By Jack McKay @_jackmckay

AN APE runs into a chair after blindfolding itself as part of a game

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Videographer / Director: Dana Savorelli

Producer: Nick Johnson

Editor: Joshua Douglas

Aperil is one of four female gibbons who live with Dana Savorelli at Monkey Island Rescue in Greenwood, Missouri.

Happy Family: Dana Savorelli poses with an armful of gibbons at the Monkey Island Rescue and Zoological Society

The 55-year-old runs the non-profit organisation on his ten acre farm, housing more than 250 rescued animals including 80 primates.

Dana posing with one of his beloved gibbons

Dana says Aperil developed the game by placing the hat over her hat and running through the house, often bumping into objects along the way.

He said: "Aperil plays with all kinds of thing but she has been putting my hat on for a couple of years now.

Aperil the gibbon runs around wearing a hat at Dana Savorelli’s Monkey Island Rescue and Zoological Society

"This is nothing that I have taught her it is something she has coming up with on her own.

"When she puts that hat on she can’t see at all.

"She has created her own game of blinding herself and running through the house.

Aping around: The playful gibbon enjoying its new hat

"As she challenges herself to remember exactly where everything is in her path you can see her slow and put her hand out to fell for the object as she gets close.

"You have to wonder about the level of intelligence that is being processed.

Inconspicuous: Aperil the gibbon enjoying the anonymity her new hat provides

“Plus it’s pure entertainment for me and anyone else in the room.

"Anyone that has seen this in person is locked on her in amazement.”

The great outdoors: an energetic gibbon enjoying some exercise