By Amanda Stringfellow @Amanda_L_S

WELCOME to Britain's most lavish CAT hotel - where pampered pets lounge on human-sized beds, feast on king prawns and Skype with their absent owners

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Kitty on the internet: a cat enjoys a Skype session

The seven-room hotel has themed rooms ranging from the Moulin Rouge to the Royal Mews and includes working televisions, DVD’s and extravagant toys.

The New Forest establishment, named Hotel Cat, is designed to meet the standards of human hotels and owners splash out up to £250 a week on the elaborate rooms for their much-loved felines.

Cats play in the Savannah suite at Hotel Cat

The service can even chauffeur your cat from your home to the hotel – giving pampered felines the real 'paw-seasons' treatment.

Owner Jackie Ferrier transformed a barn near her house into the luxury cat-hotel with her husband Tim and two children James, 18 and Lucy, 16.

A guest plays in one of the specially designed rooms

The family calls the new lodging a country club for cats – as each much-loved moggy has its own garden room, which is filled with trees, sun loungers, climbing frames, tunnels, playhouses and climbing walls.

Since opening the hotel at the beginning of the month the family have been flooded by enquiries from pet-owners in london and all over the country.

Peek-a-mew! A moggy pokes its head out of a toy in the Moulin Rouge suite
Playtime! Felines play in the Royal Mews suite

Jackie said: “We set up the cat hotel as nobody else had ever had the same ideas.

“It seemed natural for us to provide large suites that we would be happy to stay in ourselves and where we would have plenty of room to spend time with our guests in comfort.”

Tim and Jackie describe the hotel as a country club exclusive to cats

Every suite has a full size 'human' bed, proper furniture, televisions, pictures, ticking clocks and cat friendly climbing, sleeping and hiding places.

Hotel Cat is also the only cat boarding facility to offer the Skype-your-cat service – which allows the cats and their owners to see and hear each other.

The Paw Seasons! The hotel's luxury living quarters

The cats are all fed fresh salmon and prawns during the call so that it is a positive experience for them.

“We want all our guests to feel as though they are in a home-from-home environment which is new and exciting, whilst also warm and comforting," said Jackie.

“Our most luxurious offerings are the huge suites and furnishings - every bed has a soft duvet and every suite has its own TV where cat friendly DVDs are played both morning and evening.

“Each suite has it's own radiator which is on 24-hours-a-day. We are also with the cats from 7am until 9pm, making sure that all their needs are met.

“We call it the cats' personal butler and entertainer service.”

Pampered pet: a cat watches television in one of the hotel's quarters

The exclusive feline hotel only has seven-suites available and is already in high-demand for its top-of-the-line pet services, Jackie said.

“We have only officially been open since the beginning of the month and we have a waiting list for Christmas and many bookings for 2015.”

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