By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

THIS regal lion proves he is the ruler of 'Pride Rock’ after imitating a famous scene from Disney’s The Lion King

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Even in darkness the lion watches over his land

The big cat, known by rangers and local guides as Spartacus, was spotted prowling the Kideopo Valley in Uganda.

The lion is silhouetted against the setting sun

The adult lion was surveying his territory but was struggling to see his vast land - and so jumped on to a large rock to get a better view. 

Keeping an eye out: The dominant lion known as Spartacus prowls the area

William Burrard-Lucas, a 31-year-old wildlife photographer and founder of Camptrations - a company dedicated to developing products for remote and camera trap photography -  captured the special moment. 

Bird's eye view: The stunning landscape of Kideopo Valley

A few members of Spartacus' pride were nearby but the dominant male lion was keeping an eye on a rival pack.

It was just a few minutes before sunset and William was parked in his 4x4 hoping to catch a clear shot of the dominant male lion – but the long grass was in his way.

Hakuna Matata! The lion clearly isn't worried by his view
Circle of life: The lion looks into the camera from his tall perch

He said: “Over to my right was a beautiful kopje [small hill] and I was thinking to myself it would be an incredible shot if he would just go and sit on top of it.

“Well he must have heard my thoughts because the next thing I knew, he was up and heading in that direction.

“I willed him to keep going and I was pinching myself as he started to climb. He plonked himself down exactly where I had hoped and then looked at me with his regal gaze. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I just can't wait to be king! The dominant cat clambers onto the rock
Even the king gets tired! Spartacus has a quick nap in the sun

“There were some lions in the distance that he was keeping an eye on.

The rock gave him a good vantage point.

“It is so rare that a wild animal actually does what you want it to.

King of Pride Rock! Fans of Will's work said the picture looked like a scene from the Lion King

“In front of me was a scene that looked like it was straight out of The Lion King.”

Will, from Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, took the shots in November last year, but they have recently come to wider attention after being picked up on social media.