By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

FEROCIOUS male lions showed their teeth as they settled their differences in Kruger National Park

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The male and female were enjoying each other's company before the fight broke out

The show of aggression broke out after one of the lions approached the other while it was mating.

When the interrupted male lashed-out, the powerful big cats took turns to take swipes at each other.

The two lions enjoy some quality time

Finance assistant Johan Peter Meiring believes the lions were fighting over the same female.

He said: "There were two females and two males next to the road.

Tempers flared when the second male arrived

"The one subordinate male approached a bit too close for comfort to the larger dominant male, causing him to attack.

"Shortly after the brawl the two began mating again."

Three's a crowd: The males prepare to do battle

It is not unusual for lions to fight over a female, and it is even known for brothers to compete for the affections of the same lioness.

One of the lions takes a paw to the face

Powerful males will often brawl with each to try and gain leadership of a pride, with the winner sometimes killing off younger lions to eliminate further competition.

The lioness appears to have seen enough

Kruger National Park in South Africa is home to roughly 2,000 lions, and Johan captured this brutal fight earlier this month.

One of the males gets down low as the two cats attack each other