By Chloe Sweet @chloesweet

A MAN from Germany has planned head-to-toe plastic surgeries in order to achieve his dream of looking like a “plastic doll”

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Videographer / director: Christopher Stoeckel

Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote

Editor: Ethan Edwards

Stefan Streubel claims to have wanted plastic surgery since the age of 12. 

His goal, he says, is to look like a “plastic doll”.

The 27-year-old from Stuttgart started enhancing his lips two years ago and has since spent over €5,000 on fillers alone.

Growing up, he was inspired by the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, but now he is striving to achieve a look similar to plastic-surgery addict Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo. 

Stefan told Truly: “My goal would be to have super fat lips one day, just like a rubber doll. 

“I would just like to have lips that look like they are almost exploding at any moment, but I'm still far away from this goal.”

He hopes to have completed his dream plastic look in just 12 months time and has numerous procedures in sight for the coming year - including liposuction, an eye-lift, cheek lift, lip lift and BBL.

However, he worries that this may be affected due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Although many people who undergo surgery prefer subtle enhancements, Stefan confesses that he wants people to describe him as “botched”. 

He said: “I'd like to stand out from the crowd, people should just notice even on the distance: 'Wow, he definitely had something done on him, he got botched up!'

“And yeah, that's my goal – to look artificial so that everybody can see it and can gossip about it."

Stefan admits to being obsessed with plastic surgery - so much so, that when he can’t make it to the clinic, he often self-injects with substances that he has ordered online. 

In his fridge, he keeps tanning peptides called Melanotan, growth hormones and hyaluronic acid for his lips. 

Despite these products being legal to buy in Germany, they are currently unregulated and carry serious risks.

Misuse of Melanotan can cause stomach pains, heart problems and can increase the risk of skin cancer. With DIY lip injectables, there is a risk of tissue damage and even blindness. 

However, Stefan says that he is aware of the potential side effects.

“When you inject your lips yourself there's a risk of course. Your lip can die off in the very worst case,” he explains. 

“I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, but I do it anyway because one saves a lot of money like this and with the frequency that I inject my lips, it has to be the case sometimes.

“No risk no fun.” 

Stefan’s desire to get plastic surgery was amplified with the rise of social media and he admits to comparing himself to others online. 

He said: “When I look at Instagram, everybody has such perfect bodies, is photogenic, everybody is just perfect and then I look at myself in the mirror and I think, ‘Oh God, this has to be changed, that has to be changed.’

“I wouldn't really label myself self-confident. I'm just a bit more self-confident since I've had some interventions done.”

His goal to achieve such an extreme transformation has got mixed reviews from his friends and family. 

“My friends are also totally conflicted in terms of my new appearance. 

“Some of them consider it great, but the majority would say, ‘Oh God, Stefan, that looks so plastic! That looks s**t.’

“And the same happens in my family."

However, Stefan says that he will continue on his plastic surgery journey despite the opinions of anybody else. 

“There's nothing that could stop me on my way to being plastic.”