By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

A PHOTOGRAPHER has made an unusual new best friend – a female ruffed grouse

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Friendly grouse Suzie has taken a liking to Maine photographer Paul Cyr

The normally timid bird runs to Paul Cyr whenever he calls her and often likes to perch on the long lens that he uses to capture animals from a distance.

The bird – which Paul has named Suzie – even sits on his car when he leaves his property, often travelling for 1,000 metres before giving up and flapping back to his garden.

When Paul goes out for a drive his new best friend Suzie will sit on his windscreen as if asking him not to leave

Paul, who lives in Maine in the USA, said: “She has been coming for around six weeks now which is incredibly unusual.

“They’re normally much more timid around humans and other predators and will fly away as soon as you get close.

The personable grouse sits on the bonnet of Paul's 4X4

“Also they’re quick and will spot you before you spot them so I feel lucky to have this interaction with Suzie.

“I haven’t been feeding her anything I just call out for her and she comes.

Best of friends: Paul and Suzie appear to be having a discussion

“I wouldn’t even know what to feed her but perhaps she is attracted to the bird seed I put out for smaller birds which I like to photograph.”

The bird is less than one-year-old and Paul worries that she may not make it through the winter.

Suzie will sometimes sit on Paul's car for hundreds of metres when he leaves his property

“She isn’t as cautious as she should be – I just hope she knows to stay away from the foxes and coyotes,” added Paul.

“It’s also hunting season here so she isn’t going to make it too difficult for anybody who wants to shoot her if she is so carefree when approaching humans.

Sitting on Paul's lens is one of Suzie's favourite pastimes

“I don’t hunt but I’ve heard they taste delicious so I just hope she can make it – we also have an owl who hangs in the garden in February and he won’t like to see her here.”

Suzie has been known to peck at Paul but he is sure that she is just showing affection

Wing mirror: Paul's feathered friend perches herself on his car

The 63-year-old added: “I don’t think she’s aggressive at all but I wish she was a little more cautious.

“Whenever humans get within a few feet they will normally fly off with enough force to make an incredible noise.

“But Suzie has never done that – I don’t know how long she will be around but I enjoy having her here.”