By Danny Baggott @DAN_BAGGIE

A GINORMOUS 350lbs bodybuilder has set his sights on becoming the biggest in the world

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Producer: Danny Baggott, Kim Nguyen
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A GINORMOUS 350lbs bodybuilder has set his sights on becoming the biggest in the world.

Describing himself as a ‘toothpick’ in high school, man-mountain Craig Golias has since dedicated his life to becoming ‘huge’ – now boasting 24” biceps.

Craig, who resides in Las Vegas, works out five to six days a week and eats FIVE big meals a day, with a diet consisting of red meat, chicken and complex carbs.

Due to his colossal size, Craig now struggles to tie his own shoelaces and finds himself having to squeeze into tight spaces like toilet cubicles.

With more than 425,000 followers across his social pages, Craig has amassed quite the following online and he often gets stopped in the street with people asking for his picture.

Craig told Barcroft TV: “The body isn’t really meant to be between 300 and 350lbs of muscle – but yeah, I decided to break the boundaries I guess.

“I would describe myself as a bodybuilder, an online coach and just a guy trying to get huge.

“The negatives about being 350lbs of muscle? I’d say trying to tie your shoelaces, taking a shower, going up stairs – just certain things like that. They do add up.

“I’d like to stay this big for at least the next five years, though. That would be great.”

Craig rarely worked out during his high school years and it wasn’t until he was 20, when he decided that he wanted to build some muscle.

“I was a toothpick in high school and didn’t work out at all.

“Then I just woke up one day and decided that I wanted some muscles. 

“Once I started to see a progress and everything just happened so fast, I found myself wanting more and more.

“With all the attention I was getting and girls were starting to dig it, I was like ‘hey boo, what’s up?’

“Before I knew it, I just got obsessed.”

Craig has since worked out for at least a couple of hours, five to six days each week.

He said: “Bodybuilding, to me, is one of the hardest things a human being can do.

“You got football, basketball, there’s a team. When you’re bodybuilding, it’s just you.

“It’s 24 hours a day, so if you’re not eating, you’re sleeping, if you’re not sleeping, you’re training, if you’re not training, you’re eating more. There’s always something.

“Going from 150lbs to 300lbs, that is quite a change. It’s drastic. But you’re never satisfied, you just have to keep going.

“If I miss one meal in a day, I’d easily drop like 5lbs. It’s not pretty for me then and I have to work harder the next day.”

And Craig’s gym obsessions don’t stop there – he has built himself an online clothing company and he takes on a coaching role during the week to help other aspiring bodybuilders.

Craig said: “I do coaching and I love it. It’s an amazing job. I like to help others get huge!

“I have a clothing line as well. I sell t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, stuff like that. It’s become very successful for me.

“It’s my business and has my motto on it: ‘get huge!’. I run”

Craig’s size has often been questioned in the past with regards to steroid use.

When asked on the matter, he said: “I feel like there’s nothing wrong with steroids, considering how old you are.

“If you’re not abusing it, then you’re using it for the right reasons. It’s very common for bodybuilding.

“But I’m always a huge believer on building your foundation first.”

Due to his giant stature, Craig turns a lot of heads in the street.

“It’s a great feeling to have all the support from people,” he said.

“People who promote my stuff too. I’m very grateful for it.

“Feeling very, very big is rewarding for me and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

“People will often come up to me and they’ll want some pictures and they’ll follow me online.

“I see them as my people.”

Craig has already come far in his personal journey and he is showing no signs of slowing down now.

He said: “I’m very proud of the journey I’ve been on.

“I feel like 2019 has definitely been one of my best years. My business has grown, my name has grown – a lot of fun things are happening.

“What does the future hold for Craig Golias? I’m very content with things right now and how they’re going for me.

“And you know, a lot of people wake up and work hard doing something they don’t love. I find it a blessing that I get to do what I love each day.

“All I can keep doing is going up. I’m happy.”