By Aamir Bashir @Aamir_Here

WITH temperatures reaching a road-melting 45 degrees Celsius in India, people are coming up with novel ways to use up the scorching heat

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Too sunny: Many like Yadav are finding it hard to cope up with the unprecedented heat wave across North India

A slum dweller in South Delhi was seen cooking up an omelette on a pan under the intense midday sun on Thursday (May 29) afternoon.

Hot pan: Yadav decides to put the heat wave to use by making an omelette

Ajay Yadav, 49, got the idea to make the sunny-side-up eggs after accidentally leaving the pan out in the sun for over an hour. 

He said: "I live in a shanty in the open. The pan was left outside. When I accidentally touched it, it was so hot, so I thought why not try making an egg. 

Hungry lad: Yadav waits patiently and lets the sun do all the work

"I left it in the sun and we had an omelette ready in 10 mins."

Yadav works in a laundry and often spends his days basking under the sun. These days, he says, the clothes dry out too fast. 

"The temperatures are almost unbearable. I sometimes sleep with a wet shirt on. There is just no way to cope with this kind of heat," said Yadav. 

Cracking on: The maximum temperature in Delhi touched 45 degrees Celsius earlier this week

Thousands of people like Yadav, who live in makeshift shanties, are grappling with India's current heatwave.

Heavy damage: Over 1,400 deaths have been reportedly caused by the extreme heat wave across many Indian states

The heat has killed over 1,400 people across many Indian states, with the most deaths being reported from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  

According to a government release earlier this week, most of the victims have been construction workers, the elderly or the homeless.

Slow cooking: Yadav left the pan under the sun to make it hot and 'egg ready'

The meteorological department has issued heatwave warnings for the states of Odisha, Jharkhand and coastal Andhra Pradesh, signalling high chances of heatstroke, dehydration and fatality with temperatures inching upwards of 45°C and conditions worsened by constant dry, sweltering winds. 

On Friday noon, Delhi recorded a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius. The mercury is expected to stay over the 40 degree mark through the next week.