By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

MARIJUANA mum Catherine Hiller says smoking a joint a day for the last fifty years has kept her looking young

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Twilight toker: Catherine has been smoking everyday for the last fifty years

The 68-year-old spends £100 per month on her decades long habit and estimates she’s puffed her way through 40lbs worth.

And she even uses it with her three grown up sons.

Granabbis: She even likes to smoke with her three grown up sons

But rather than being a lazy stoner Catherine is a published author who puts her success and youthful vitality down to her habit.

Catherine said: "I'm 68-years-old and I've smoked weed nearly everyday for the last 50 years. 

"I love it and I it helps me stayed relaxed, which keeps me looking young.

Stoned love: Catherine's husband, Mark, doesn't share her passion

“One of my sons really doesn’t like how much I smoke.

“But I’m not going to stop – it gives me a lot of pleasure and I like the fact that it’s rebellious.

“I would just love to see the 40lbs of weed stacked up on the dining room table - that’s great.”

Drawing inspiration: Catherine's book espouses the benefits of marijuana
Cannabliss: Catherine wants to see the drug legalised around the world

In today’s money Catherine would have spent a staggering £60,000 on weed in her lifetime.

She added: “The pot I buy from my dealer is the cheapest in New York City – I smoke around an ounce a month and it has cost me just £100 for the last decade.

“People can’t believe how cheap my weed is.”

Rock and rolled: Catherine was at Woodstock when she began smoking weed

The youthful looking pensioner believes that a joint a day for the past 50 years has led to her youthful appearance.

She added: “I’m a very relaxed person and I think marijuana helps you sleep so that’s important for a youthful appearance.

“Depending on how you use cannabis I think it can enable you to have a healthy lifestyle.”

Rolling stoned: Catherine conducts her daily ritual

Catherine had her first joint in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in the 1960s and even smoked weed with her three sons when they reached 18.

Catherine said: “I didn’t introduce my 3 sons to marijuana but they knew I smoked and I knew they smoked.

“When they were 18 it seemed pretty natural to offer them some of my joint and now we often smoke pot together.

“Depending on how you use cannabis I think it can enable you to have a healthy lifestyle.”

“They don’t smoke as much as I do but it’s a nice thing to share when we are together.”

Amazingly the life long toker has never had a problem with the law and now she wants to see the drug legalized around the world.

Catherine added: “Everybody should try a little bit of marijuana – just to see if they like it.

Floating away: Canoeing while stoned is one of her favourite pastimes

“I have had a wonderful life because of it.

“It should be legal across the world as the law is often very unjustly applied to ethnic minorities. 

A great weed: Catherine has published several books about the benefits of marijuana

"Black and Latino people are incarcerated at a much higher rate than white people for drug use.

“Besides it’s much less harmful than nicotine and tobacco."