By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A THRILL-SEEKING photographer reached new heights after scaling what will be the world's tallest residential skyscraper

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Videographer / Director: Keow Wee Loong
Producer: Tom Gillespie, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Bright Lights, Big City: Dubai dazzles in the nighttime

Malaysian daredevil Keow Wee Loong captured breathtaking images of Dubai’s sprawling landscape, when he climbed the uncompleted Marina 101 with two friends.

Flying the flag: A rooftopper suspends himself over a drop hundreds of feet above ground

One image from the top of the 425m tower shows fireworks exploding in the sky below, while another shows one of Keow’s accomplices suspended like a human flag.

Incredible feat: Keow climbed the building in roughly 50 minutes

The brave 26-year-old was originally going to scale the Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina, but changed his mind because of soaring temperatures.

There's never a bad time for a selfie

He said: “The weather is just too hot in Dubai for me to climb the structure during summer, it’s 44c, so the steel on the outer structure is just too hot.

Keow stops to take in the view

“So I had a plan B which was the Marina 101 tower- the 2nd tallest building in Dubai.

“It was the first day of the Eid festive season and I had two Malaysian muslim friends working in Dubai celebrating alone- so I just called them up and asked them if they wanted to join me for this climb.

Electric Wonderland: Dubai lit up at night

“It is not good to leave my friends alone during the festive season as their family is 4000km away.”

Living on the edge: Daredevil Keow pushes his hobby to the limit

Keow and his two accomplices evaded security as they scaled the towering structure, which is due for completion later this year.

The Marina 101 stands in Dubai Marina and is set to become the world’s tallest residential building.

Thrill-seeker: Keow turns his back on danger

A hotel will occupy the first 33 floors of the tower, which will sit below some of the country's most expensive penthouses.

The brave photographer peers over a drop hundreds of metres high

The photographer continued: “It took us 50 minutes to get from the ground to the tip of the roof of the 101 storey building.

One of Keow's accomplices scales the scaffolding

"The temperature on the outside was 44c, and inside the steel and cement structure the heat increased up to 60c.

Keow captures the sun setting on the horizon

"All the doors and windows were shut and we had difficulty breating in the extreme conditions as we were running up the stairs evading security.”

Dubai Marina where the building is situated

Keow has also scaled the Shanghai Tower in Pudong, and the Ping An Financial Centre in Shenzhen, China.