By Chloe Sweet @_chloesweet

MODEL Martina Big who is known for her giant breasts and ‘transitioning' from a white woman to look ‘African’ has got married to her childhood sweetheart

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Videographer / director: InfoNetwork / RTL

Martina Big from Germany, famous for her big bust and controversial tan, has married her partner Michael, who she has been with since high school.

The couple had an intimate ceremony, with just the two of them, earlier this month on a beautiful beach on an island aptly named ‘Big Island’ in Hawaii.

Michael told Barcroft TV: “It is the person I love about Martina, is not only her looks, but Martina herself. So when I met her at school, she was a bit more pudgy, very shy. It's the person I fell in love with. And the appearance is actually secondary. But I really like Martina's look.”

Martina agreed that both of their appearances have changed from when they first starting dating.

She said: “With him it's actually the other way around."

Mr and Mrs Big, who have been together for 13 years, planned to tie the knot on a beach which they found on Google Maps. When they arrived, they weren’t convinced on it, so they settled on a more secluded beach at the recommendation of Native inhabitants.

The bad luck didn’t end there, though. After Martina’s make-up artist failed to show up on her big day, Michael was left to glue on her false eyelashes, which wasn’t an easy job.

The model’s handbag, containing their passports, was also stolen while the they tried to enjoy their honeymoon after the ceremony.

Martina said: “Whilst we were in the whirlpool someone climbed over the fence, stole my handbag and jumped over the other side again.”

Luckily local police tracked down the passports and Martina and Michael were able to enjoy their time in Hawaii.

Martina became an internet sensation after getting experimental tanning injections in 2017, which she says helped her to achieve her ‘crispy brown’ tan’ - a look which she loves.

Last year, she decided that she would continue getting the injections so that she could ‘transition’ into an ‘African Black Woman’.

She said: "In the beginning I just wanted a little summer tan. They said that medicine protects the skin from the sun, but they didn't know how dark I would get. Today I am very dark."

The former air hostess began modifying her body in 2012 after Michael encouraged her to start modelling, and even he has had a course of the tanning injections.

Martina’s desire to achieve such an extreme look has cost her over £50,000. She has undergone multiple breast enhancement surgeries and she is able to ‘pump up’ her breasts by injecting saline. Although she now boasts a staggering 70F cup size, she still plans to enhance them further.

But having such big breasts doesn’t come without its problems, one of them being that she had to get a custom-made wedding dress. She opted for a strapless green and pink satin dress with a pink veil and flower crown. Michael wore a white suit with a matching green bow tie.

After the exchange of the wedding rings, the newlyweds wrapped a lava stone into a palm leaf and threw it into the Pacific Ocean. This ritual, according to an old Hawaiian tradition, is a symbol of their commitment to each other.

Michael added: "We have been together for so long, since school. But finally we are man and wife now.”