By Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

MEET the medicinal Robin Hood of India who collects unused medicines to treat the poor

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Care in the community: Omkar engages with a member of the public

Retired paramedic Omkar Nath, 78, scours Delhi for excess supplies of medication which he can give to the city's poorest residents.

Public-spirited Omkar rides the bus through the hustle and bustle of New Delhi

Fondly known as the ‘Medicine Baba’, Nath wears a saffron tunic emblazoned with his mobile number and an appeal for donations printed in bold.

He said: "My slogan is 'give old medicines to me and help the poor people'."

The former paramedic with his assistant Shamim, who handles his emails and Facebook account

"I get calls everyday from different areas. They ask about the medicine I need. That’s how I get the medicine and later I distribute it to the poor."

He walks three miles each day through the narrow streets of Delhi in his search for supplies - despite his age weakened legs.

Omkar collects up unused to medicine to give some of New Delhi's most needy people

The medicines usually come from patients who have been oversubscribed a particular medicine and no longer require it.

Omkar at the home of his patient Ram Shankar Dhulichand

Although he is not a registered pharmacist, Nath says he doesn't distribute medication without an official prescription.

He has rented a shop space near his house where he stores and prescribes the donated medicines daily.

Business as usual: 'Medicine Baba' and Shamim look busy at work

He normally charges 10 rupees (about 10p) for prescriptions but waives it for the poorest people.

His wife remains in charge of the drug store as he is away on the streets collecting medicines.

Omkar pictured among his large supply of medicine

His exploits have gained him fame in his homeland and he now has enough donors for the foreseeable future.

But rather than resting on his laurels, Nath still heads out each morning in search of more supplies.