By Jack McKay @_jackmckay

THESE devoted dog owners are as barking as their pets - donning fancy dress to represent their canine companion's breed

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Videographer / Director: Alexandre Ayer
Producer: Jack McKay
Editor: Sonia Estal, Ian Phillips

Francine Kaplan with a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever which are used as gun dogs due to their high intelligence

Meet the Breeds in New York is the dog show where it’s not only the animals vying for the judges' attention. 

The event, organised by the American Kennel Club, gives attendees the chance to mingle with more than a hundred different breeds.  

But it's also an opportunity for their devoted owners to champion their dog of choice. 
Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder Bobbe Lord, 65, from Boonton, New Jersey, dresses as Queen Elizabeth II every year for the event with her dog, Ginger. 

She said: “Queen Elizabeth is a great ambassador for the breed - it’s fabulous she’s had a love affair with the dogs since she was a child. 

Dog save the Queen: Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder Bobbe Lord and her pet Ginger.

"People ask me what sort of dog I have, I say 'Pembroke Welsh Corgi' and they kind of look at you. When I tell them it’s the Queen’s dog they go ‘oh yes’ and they know instantly what it is.  

“People react beautifully when I’m in costume - they do the royal wave. You can’t believe how many people want to have their picture taken with the Queen - with or without a Corgi." 

Give a dog a throne: Bobbe Lord dresses as Queen Elizabeth II each year for the event with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Ginger
Dogs of war: Joe Borracci poses with his massive mastiff Bones and daughters Veronica, 14, and Morgan, 12

Also at the event, on Saturday, February 14, was the Barracci family from Long Island, New York, who dressed in Medieval chainmail to show their Dunkirk Mastiffs.

Pat, 49, said: “We brought our three Mastiff here today to show people what they’re like. 
“It really is a giant dog - we say a giant dog, giant commitment. You have to realise how much room this dog is going to take up in your house, in your car and in your bed." 

Mane event: Pat Hoffmann has been breeding Rhodesian ridgebacks, including Henley (pictured) for 20 years

Pat Hoffman dressed her 95lb Rhodesian Ridgeback, Henley, up in a lion’s mane as tribute to their South African heritage. 

Representing the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, Pat, 56, said: “This is the sixth year of Meet The Breeds so each year everyone has to go up a notch in terms of pageantry.

Judged dread: Nemes the Bergamasco poses with Ann Welker wearing a Rastafarian wig

"I like this event because I’m busy all day talking to people showing the dogs off. 
"I love them so it’s nice for other people to be able to enjoy your dog.”

Thy Cavagnaro, 41, brought performing pooch Atka the Amazing Eskie to the show in a circus-themed booth. 

Old dog, new tricks: Atka the Amazing Eskie jumps through hoops for owner Thy Cavagnaro and helper Delaney Veprek
Good mix: The event gives attendees the chance to mingle with more than a hundred different breeds

The American Eskie jumped through hoops, played dead and even followed a written command to roll over. 

Thy said: “Some people might find dog people to be a little strange but one thing we all have in common is that we all love our dogs very very much. 

Mexican mouthful: Elizabeth Perez holds her Xoloitzcuintli called Taco

“Dogs are the kind of creature that give you unconditional love and that’s what we’re looking for." 

The event, held at Pier 92 in New York, attracted tens of thousands of curious dog lovers and was part of three days of competitions and shows in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club. 

Good paws: Joe Philip is championing the cause of the endangered Irish terrier