By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

ZAPPA the greyhound has made thousands of fans around the world - because of her goofy appearance

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Videographer / Director: Rosalie & Sadie Millen
Producer: Dan Howlett, Chloe Browne
Editor: Sonia Estal

Tough luck: Zappa lost all but two of her teeth leading to her goofy appearance

The 15-year-old’s parents were show dogs but unfortunately Zappa did not make the grade – but that did not stop her from becoming an online sensation.

Dog's life: She lives with her loving family in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Zappa suffers from a dental illness which is common in Italian greyhounds and has led to her losing all but two of her teeth - meaning her tongue is constantly lolling at the side of her mouth.

Big star: Zappa has more than 30,000 online followers
Dress up: The Italian greyhound wears a variety of outfits for her Instagram followers

She lives with the Millen family in Pewaukee, Wisconsin along with two other dogs, a standard poodle named Bazinga, a shih poo named Dylan and four hairless guinea pigs, Peanut, Pickles, Pepper, and Pipsqueak.

Happy times: Sisters Rosalie and Sadie are glad that more people can now enjoy Zappa

Rosalie Millen, 28, said: “We’re hoping to show how rewarding it can be to raise an older dog.

“Older dogs need love to and they’re extremely loving – we love having Zappa around, she’s so much fun.

Full house: Along with Zappa the Millens also have two other dogs and four hairless guinea pigs

Her father John, added: “When we first saw Zappa we knew we had to have her – it was like a zap of lightening at first sight – that’s why she has the name.

“She makes us very happy and everybody who sees her feels the same way. I think Zappa knows the effect she has on people – she’s a happy dog.

“Her quirks and unconventional beauty make her even more special to us.”

Good stock: Zappa's parents were show dogs but she didn't make the grade
Old love: Rosalie and Sadie are trying to show how much fun it can be to care for an older dog

Rosalie and her sister Sadie, 23 started the Instagram account to share pictures of Zappa with friends and family and were amazed when it took off.

Dental illness: Italian greyhounds often have wide teeth and narrow mouths which can result in tooth loss

Rosalie added: “She has been making us smile for 15 years and we love that with social media she can now make people happy around the world.”

Connecting people: Rosalie and Sadie say Zappa's goofy expression has helped connect them with dog lovers around the world

Her owners say she is a creative dog who knows how to keep warm during the cold Wisconsin winters.

Derpy dog: Zappa's dental illness has little affect on her life and she is still able to eat normally

“We hope to show how rewarding it can be to take care of a senior dog. Zappa brings so much joy to our lives,” said Sadie.

“It has been amazing how Zappa's social media accounts have connected us with dog lovers from all over the world.”