By Charley Sutton @CharlSutton

Brittany “Flex” Watts is an IFBB women’s physique bodybuilder whose fitness goals are so next level that even COVID-19 isn’t getting in the way of her training

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PRODUCER: Charley Sutton

EDITOR: Beth Angus

The 31-year-old is prepping for her next big competition and we join her in the gym where she attempts to lift 360lbs. In her early 20’s, Brittany was living in her native Oklahoma, working at a bar, and “drinking every day.” But after her parents had some health concerns and Brittany accompanied them to an exercise class, she became interested in fitness and began to turn her life around. After seeing models in a bodybuilding magazine, she decided to move to Florida to begin her bodybuilding career. She has since spent the last seven years sculpting her body and becoming a pro competitor.