By Charley Sutton

Rahki Giovanni is back!

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Videographer / director: Ariel Martinez

Producer: Charley Sutton, Ruby Coote

Editor: Shiona Penrake

The fitness influencer from Miami trains hard for the body she’s famous for. The 28-year-old would usually spend hours in the gym, sculpting her rock-hard abs and building her watermelon-crushing thighs. However, COVID-19 has disrupted her exercise regime, which has meant she’s lost muscle and gained weight. Rahki wants to get ripped again, so this calls for an extreme workout and a personal challenge of doing 500 quats in half an hour - can she do it? Rahki started building her body in 2015, to help with her mental physical health. A video of her crushing a watermelon with her thighs went viral and now the influencer and business owner has amassed a huge following due to her unique physique. In peak condition, Rahki can run a mile in under six minutes and do 43 deadlifts at 315lbs, but lockdown has meant gyms have been closed and exercise has been difficult.