By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

MEET the award-winning celebrity podiatrist who loves nothing more than getting her hands on the most gruesome FEET

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Videographer / director: Sam Miles; AP: Maximilian Steyger

Producer: Danny Baggott

Editor: James Thorne

Crowned ‘Miss Foot Fixer’ with over 10 years of experience and treating international movie stars and Grammy award winners, Marion Yau and her foot fetish has been propelled to the very top of the game.

Whether it’s ripping out infected toe nails, or carving her way through giant verrucas – Miss Foot Fixer’s work is enough to make anyone’s stomach churn – but not her own!

Working from her clinic on Harley Street, London, alongside her husband and general practitioner, Dr Kenny, Miss Foot Fixer sees all sorts of problems walk through her doors every day.

With her work and videos often going viral online, the rising social media star has now amassed more than 60,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel alone.

Miss Foot Fixer said: “My job is feet. My hobby is feet. Everything is feet.

“Grabbing all the nails out, popping things, scraping things – it’s probably a weird fetish of mine really.

“The more horrible – the better! I’m never scared. Bring them on.”

Recently, Barcroft Studios' Truly channel met with three anxious patients who are turning to Miss Foot Fixer as a last resort.

First up, we have Jane Buckle – a fun-loving OAP who needs to have her overgrown toenails trimmed and tidied for an upcoming summer wedding.

Next, we meet Walsall teenager Kieran McGeough. Both of Kieran’s big toe nails have become infected and his self-confidence has suffered as a result, no longer wanting to go on holidays and wear flip flops with his friends.

Finally, we follow Cathryn Griffiths – a mum of two children, Cathryne wants to take her youngest swimming but can’t… due to her warts.

Will Miss Foot Fixer be up to the task and be able to make all three of their wishes come true?