By John Balson @JJBalson

CURVY twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus claim their whopping four-foot butts are down to an eye-watering 2000 squats A DAY

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Gym-ini twins: Michelle and Miriam follow a gruelling workout mixing MMA, weights and core training

The aspiring models have used their dazzling derrieres to make a name for themselves - earning nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram.

But they deny their success is due to surgery, saying it’s the result of a dedicated regime that sees them mirroring each other’s lifestyle in pedantic detail.

“We make sure we eat the same, exercise the same - everything the same,” said Michelle, who even phones her sister to compare calories when they are apart.

Double sided: The twins measure each other up using tape to check their figures

“We try to do a couple of thousand squats a day to keep in shape. It won’t be all at the same time. It will usually be stretched over something like nine hours.”

The sisters, who both work for the same Miami plastic surgeon, may have boosted their busts from a B-cup to a D-cup with $5,000 matching breast implants - but don’t plan on going under the knife again.

Five-foot tall Miriam said: “We would never consider surgery on our butts - our workout plan pretty much takes care of that.

“And when you do it naturally through hard work it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.”

Calorie control: Michelle and Miriam make sure that they eat the same amount of calories each day

The girls even live next-door to each other in Miami, Florida.

They were very close growing up - even for twins - and their mother even tried to separate them.

They were put in separate classes at school but reunited at college to study to become medical technicians.

Their looks have brought them attention throughout their lives but it was only two years ago they decided to break into urban modelling as the ‘Double Dose Twins’.

Beach bums: Michelle and Miriam enjoy the coastal life in Miami, Florida

Michelle, who is 45 minutes older than her sister, said: “It started off with Instagram. We’d never had social media before then. We posted a picture and got a lot of attention from the first shoot we did.

“We’ve had a lot of bookings for magazines and offers to travel. Modelling is actually a lot of fun."

They have earned $30,000 (£21,000) between them and flown as far as Dubai for modelling contracts.

Weight expectations: The petite sisters will perform up to 2000 squats a day to keep their butts pert

To maintain their identical measurements, they have enlisted the help of Bahiem King, 30, owner and founder of King Fitness, to create a tailored regime.

He combines a mixture of boxing, MMA, plyometrics, soft-touch CrossFit, weight training and a lot of squats to achieve their ‘part Beyonce, part Serena Williams’ look.

They will perform hundreds in their main workout of the day - but will also stop and squat up to a 100 times each hour over eight to nine hours - building up to a maximum of 2000.

The sisters who were so close as children they were put in separate classes have identical measurements of 36-22-46

They also mirror each other’s diets down to extreme detail, putting the exact same calories in smoothies, salads and protein shakes and fat burners.

Miriam, who like her sister measures 36-22-46, said: “We generally stick to a healthy diet and it’s the same all the time. We are very strict about this.

“We will work out the exact same and make sure that if one of us has done more the other will have to catch up."

Double Dose: Twins Michelle and Miriam Carolus are making it big with their curvy figures

Michelle added: “It’s like a mirror. If I ever want to know if I’m looking good or not I will just look at my sister.

“We have the same hobbies and if one of us gets something for their house, the other has to as well.

“We actually lived together until last year but now we’re just neighbours. We still spend nights at each other’s house every other day but if one gets on the other’s nerves we can just tell them to go home.”

Shakey start: The sisters pedantically measure out portions of protein drinks to ensure they are equally proportioned
Cheek to cheek: The girls' dedication to their matching lifestyle is rear-ly starting to pay off.

And their dedication to their matching lifestyle is rear-ly starting to pay off.

Miriam, who like her sister is single, said: “It’s not hard for us to get attention from guys but it’s hard for them to get attention from us.

"When we are out in a club we get a lot of attention and there will be a lot of double takes of us.

“Some guys even think they can go after us together, which is so lame. We share most things but we’ll never share a guy.”

Double trouble: The aspiring models have used their dazzling derrieres to make a name for themselves - earning nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram

For now they are concentrating on their careers.

Their protective family - especially their mother - have their reservations about it, they admit, but they are ploughing ahead and even looking for acting parts.

“Our ambitions are to build a brand for the future, travel more and get rich,” said Michelle.

“It’s been a lot of fun so far and we don’t want that to stop.”