By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

A 29-YEAR-OLD man owes it to his mum for helping him lose 120lbs

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Videographer / director: Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing

Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote

Editor: Ethan Edwards

Darnell from Atlantic County, New Jersey used to binge eat fast food, and wash it down with soda, liquor and vodka. His binges were sometimes up to 3,000 calories a sitting, leading him to weigh 280lbs at his heaviest. Darnell’s turning point was following a break up with his ex-fiance, he lost his home and almost lost custody of his son. He told Truly: “So one day I woke up and I was in my mum’s living room and realised that I was back to square one.” Fortunately Darnell had his mum Pamela to push him into changing his life for the better. She could see her son becoming more depressed and unhappy, so she gave him a guest pass to her gym. Pamela told Truly: “He came in from the gym and he told me he liked it. He told me he found his niche. And from that day forward Darnell started to continue to work out. Never stopped. It was that seven day pass from my gym and me putting it on the table. That’s what put the fuel in the fire. That’s what put the fuel underneath him to make him want to move forward in health and fitness.” Darnell added: “I couldn’t have done it without my mum. She knew something had to change and that’s the reason why she was pushing me to get to the gym.” The father-of-one lost an amazing 120lbs altogether, and he owes it all to his mum. He said: “Before I was a young man and so even though the weight was a reason that held me back. There was a lot of factors I was young, I was immature, I was stupid. But with the weight loss, it helped mature me because we lost our self discipline. There’s always a constant challenge. So the weight loss helped me establish a routine that is essential to adulthood in my opinion.”