By Joe Roberts @jrobertsjourno

INSPIRING others has become a lifestyle for a woman who dropped an incredible 150 pounds and became a fitness and nutrition coach

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Videographer / director: Olumayowa Sowemimo

Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote

Editor: Helen Mckee

In 2012, Desiree Hunt began transforming herself through diet and exercise, dropping from 275 pounds to 130 pounds in 18 months. The Winnipeg-native now works out five to six days a week. She told Truly: “At 275 pounds, I was miserable. And I've always been a very self-conscious person – my weight held me back big time. The more weight I gained I would stop visiting my friends. I would come home and avoid certain people. I wouldn't go to certain functions.” Desiree says her eating habits got worse after the birth of her first son in 2006 when she developed postpartum depression. She recalls things reaching a low point in 2011 when she flew home to Winnipeg for Christmas. “I went to do my seat belt up and I couldn't,” she said. “I needed a seatbelt extender, but I was too proud and too embarrassed to ask for it. So I had my daughter sit on my lap, and I hid the fact that I needed it. I knew at that point, something was going to have to change.” Desiree spent the next few months researching proper nutrition and doing basic exercise, and slowly began to drop the weight and re-invent herself. After shedding 150 pounds, she met her now-partner Kevin Miller, who also underwent an impressive body transformation. The couple now work out together regularly, while Desiree helps others to get fit through her ‘Naked Health Journey’ business.