By Emma Pearson @emma_pear

QUIRKY Kitten Von Mew’s obsession with the 1940s has taken over every aspect of her life, including her home, her wardrobe and even her pregnancy

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Videographer / Director: Jonathan Pow
Producer: Emma Pearson, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters, Chris Bardy

1940s bliss: Richard and Kitten enjoying their time capsule

The spirited mum and her equally enthusiastic husband Richard have spent thousands kitting out their home with authentic 30s and 40s furniture to create a whimsical time-warp.

Kitten, who performs as a burlesque dancer and 40s-style singer, has a wardrobe bursting with over 100 vintage outfits and 100 pairs of retro shoes – along with countless vintage hats, gloves and accessories.

Bunker up: Kitten and Richard in authentic wartime attire
Domestic bliss: Kitten hanging out Betsy's vintage baby clothes

And she is already adding to her own extensive wardrobe with a huge collection of vintage outfits for her two-month-old daughter Betsy-Rose - as well as a 1930s summer pram, a 50s-style pram and a vintage-style silver cross pram

Kitten, 35, who legally changed her name from Michelle, has dedicated her life to the 1940s era for the last 15 years.

Richard and Kitten have trawled flea markets and car boot sales for authentic vintage furniture

Every day she curls her hair into perfect victory rolls and dons a retro outfit for work as a creative writer.

And her striking looks caught the eye of construction worker Richard, 55, at the United States Services Organisation – a 1940s convention where both are still performers.

Stepping out: Richard and Kitten take a turn around the countryside

Richard was left with his tongue hanging out after one of Kitten’s saucy burlesque routines.

And Kitten was impressed by Richard’s twinkle toes on the dance floor.

Kitten said: “I’ve always liked the Clarke Gable type gentleman and it takes a certain sort of man to pull off a moustache like Richard’s.

Retro baby: Betsy even has vintage prams to match her wardrobe
Keep Calm and Carry On: Kitten entertains the 'troops' as a burlesque dancer

“Our mutual love for the 1940s definitely brought us together.”

The kooky couple married three years ago in a 1940s-style ceremony at an old train station on the anniversary of the Queen’s Jubilee.

Kitten wore a 1940s-style dress made from parachute silk whilst Richard wore an original World War II British Navy uniform for the occasion.

Prim and proper: Kitten in respectable 1940s attire and victory rolls
Baby Betsy has a vintage wardrobe to rival her mum's

Now the couple live blissfully in their 1940s time capsule cottage in the Stratford-Upon-Avon countryside.

Kitten said: “I love everything about the 1940s – the fashion, the music, the décor – I find it totally captivating.

“I’ve dedicated my life to re-creating it and I love the world that I live in.

She said: “I would never dream of going out to the theatre in a pair of modern jeans.

Domestic bliss: Kitten and Richard welcome baby Betsy to the timewarp

“I like the fact that in the forties the women were impeccably turned out, even during wartime.”

“Betsy-Rose already has a wardrobe to rival my own. She will have outgrown half of her clothes before she has a chance to wear them.”

Richard, 55, who works on a construction site, said: “This is our lifestyle. I come home from work and retreat into our time-warp.

Fourteas: Kitten and Richard have many wartime enthusiast friends

“Kitten doesn’t wear modern clothes at all. I love the way she looks and we plan to continue to dress Betsy-Rose in the same way as her mum.”

As well as inheriting authentic furniture from her grandparents, Kitten has trawled flea markets and car-boot sales to decorate her home in perfect 1940s fashion.

Kitten is a talented burlesque performer and forties-style singer
Richard hopes Betsy will take after her mum in terms of dress sense

“I've dedicated my life to re-creating the past,” she said.

“It was a time of great austerity, but the entertainers and actors of the time created escapism that lifted everyone's spirits, whether on the silver screen to makeshift stages on the front line.

“That is what I really wanted to achieve and bring alive.

“My whole life is a flashback to the 40s but I far prefer it to the mundane modern world.”