By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

A PHOTOGRAPHER spent eight days in a remote jungle without electricity to capture the world’s most beautiful hummingbirds on camera

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The incredible details of a violet-tailed Sylph is captured

The stunning creatures, whose feathers are an astonishing array of violet and emerald green, were photographed in mid-flight by Nicolas Reusens.

A brown-coloured hummingbird covers its head with its wings

The 39-year-old Swedish photographer travelled to Pacha Quindi Reserve in Tandayapa, Ecuador.

Get off my property! A purple-bibbed whiteip faces off with a bee

The area is renowned for its rich wildlife and large population of rare hummingbirds.

A brown-coloured hummingbird with a green head approaches a flower
Two booted racket-tail birds in flight and fight for territory

Nicolas spent days amongst hungry mosquitoes, rain and spiders to spot the vibrant birds.

A green-crowned woodnymph and two green thorn-tail hummingbirds try to feed from a flower during a heavy rain session in the jungle

He even crouched for four hours in a hide waiting for a violet-tailed Sylph to approach a dahlia.

A hummingbird approaches a brightly colored flower in search of nectar

Nicolas said: “One of the most amazing moments during my eight-day trip in the Tandayapa cloud forest was meeting the booted racket-tail males.

A green-crowned woodnymph approaches a flower where a bee was feeding, and nearly collides with it

“These small little fellas were all around the reserve, and had a totally different character than the others, they were much more friendly and calm.

Nicolas even crouched for four hours in a hide waiting for a violet-tailed Sylph to approach a dahlia

“Their size was a handicap as the big brothers were always the bosses around the feeders and the plants, but they managed to get through tiny and tight areas where the bigger specimens couldn’t reach.

A violet-tailed Sylph approaches a pink dahlia

“My favorite part was being in a garden with 2,000-3,000 hummingbirds buzzing all around per day.

A booted racket-tail is pictured inflight

“As a wildlife photographer I had thousands of opportunities to take pictures not only of hummingbirds but dozens of other animals too.”